SMAC Art Gallery 02


I Sing Just to Know that I'm Alive!

Jabulani Maseko
I Sing Just to Know that I'm Alive!, Lambda print mounted on aluminium ,


210 Bermondsey Street London, SE1 3TQ

Hours: Monday - Wednesday: 10am - 7.30pm Thursday - Saturday: 10am - 8.30pm


Jabulani Maseko at Cave

Mixed-media artist Jabulani Maseko is concerned with issues of identity, history and 'the very real question of how we perceive the world, and therefore our perceived power to act upon it'. Working with everyday materials and the myriad signs, symbols and myths which inform our reality and sense of self, Maseko's solo exhibition, 'The View from Mars' features works from 2010 to the present. 

09 February 2012 - 01 March 2012