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'In The Artists’ Absence'

Various artists at The Collective

The COLLECTIVE presents seven young, contemporary Belgian artists on invitation by artist Riaan van Jaarsveldt (ZA). The show was conceived as an opportunity to introduce the Durban public and local artists to the Belgian art scene. The participating artists are: Wouter Van der Hallen, Tomas Boiy, Ben Van den Berghe, Oscar Hugal, Kristof van Gestel, Joris Van de Moortel, Timothy Segers


The premise of the show is strictly shaped around the logistical and budgetary constraints of such an exercise as a means to bridge these obvious obstacles, thereby transforming them into content/material. Therefore the artists were each requested to submit instructions to make an artwork for a show entitled 'In The Artists’ Absence', each of which will be interpreted and performed/created by van Jaarsveldt (of course within budgetary constraints). The artists have been given complete carte blanche as to how they may issue their instructions. Alongside his or her instruction pieces, each artist will have the opportunity to make a limited edition print assisted and facilitated by Tomas Boiy at his Antwerp, Belgium studio. 

13 February - 03 March

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