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The Retrospective Year

Maureen Quin
The Retrospective Year, 2014. Invitation Image .

'The Retrospective Year'

Maureen Quin at NWU Gallery

‘Sculpture is my passion. It’s an extension of myself, reflecting my thoughts, my loves, hates, joys, and fears. Whether I am involved in representational wildlife studies, realistic figure studies or abstractions, I put my heart and soul into it. Each sculpture is an exciting journey. Starting with a vague concept, sketching it to achieve a visual form, building the armature, fleshing it out and having it cast in bronze are the elements which ultimately are to me the most rewarding and satisfying.’

'Maureen Quin: The Retrospective Year' is made up out of a large body of bronze sculptural artworks and is meant as a celebration of the artist’s career over the last 60 years. Quin is ranked as one of South Africa’s most outstanding sculptors as her impressive career with over 400 works, 40 commissions, 52 solo exhibitions, 26 group exhibitions, and several national awards (such as the Silver Medal award for her contribution to sculpture in South Africa, awarded by the University of Pretoria in 1990) clearly substantiates.

Etienne du Plessis describes her work as in all aspects alive and flowing, whether the subject be realistic or modern expressive, and says that her keen sense of observation of the human and animal forms makes her outstanding.

‘My works are the result of deep emotional responses to the world around me. They are illustrative, conveying their message to the viewer in a more subtle way. My sculptures are triggered by human relationships and predicaments and they find expression through the human figure.’

08 May - 20 June

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