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Rhino Bowl

Vusi Zwane
Rhino Bowl, 2013. Linocut .

'Legacy - The Caversham Community'

Various Artists at outoftheCUBE

Caversham Textiles, ‘The HIV/AIDS Portfolio of Hope’: a print exhibition, ‘Hope for a new future’: a print exhibition, Kopanang Community Trust, and Vusi Zwane.


Often when confronted with visual art and fabric design living side by side one feels an underlying sense of unease – the ‘is it art, is it design/craft?’ question nudges its way in, along with a wondering as to why the artist has ‘allowed’ this. But there is no such ambiguity in the group of current exhibitions now showing on outoftheCUBE. They quite frankly are either art or design –and the design is inspired by the art.

The 2014 Design Indaba in Cape Town saw the launch of Caversham Textiles, whose cornerstone phrase ‘we take fine art into fabric’ informs the title of their outoftheCUBE exhibition. The team - Sally Scott and Christiane Voith - creates and hand-prints innovative designs inspired by the work of contemporary South African fine artists. Caversham Textiles is the most recent project to evolve out of the professional fine art printmaking studio The Caversham Press. What differentiates Caversham Textiles from other fabric design studios is their access to a wealth of visual imagery in the form of the original prints created throughout the years at the Press. After obtaining permission from the artists or their families, small sections of these are used to create extraordinary fabric designs.

Over the years, The Caversham Press has grown a community of people who have been closely associated with them, and the four other exhibitions here are linked one way or another to the Caversham Community.

‘Today it’s me, tomorrow …’ by Vusi Zwane, the artist-in-residence at Caversham, features old and new work, showing his early creative concerns around the merging of the spiritual and natural worlds alongside his newer awareness of the environmental threats that animals face.

‘Hope for a new future’ showcases an NAC sponsored project that consisted of two workshops held for children. Their aim was to create a lino block from which they produced an edition of fine art prints on paper, as well as a printed cushion cover – extending the fine art into fabric concept. The printing was assisted by Vusi who inspired them with his own work.

Gabi Nkosi, the Caversham outreach facilitator in the 2000s, organised and assisted in the project ‘The HIV/AIDS Portfolio of Hope’ in 2005 with students from the ELC Arts and Craft Centre Rourke’s Drift. This work focuses on the positive coping mechanisms that some folk use when living with HIV/AIDS. Another link here is that, prior to joining Caversham Textiles, Christiane Voith spent several years regenerating the Rourke’s Drift Centre.

The final exhibition, ‘A circle of affirmation’ features embroidered wall hangings by the craftswomen of the Kopanang Community Trust in Heidelberg, a community also impacted by HIV/AIDS. Their work has received international acknowledgment, and again we look at imagery translated into fabric work. Each woman translates the theme using her own mark – her own stitch work and colour choices. Their founder, Sister Sheila Flynn, is the Caversham community link as she was the facilitator for their early outreach programs in the 1999.

05 March - 20 April

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