Archive: Issue No. 64, December 2002

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Marlene Dumas

The Marlene Dumas gouache which fetched top price of R200,000 at auction

Linda Givon & William Kentridge

Linda Givon and William Kentridge at the opening of his retrospective

Saturday, November 16

Why have the visual artists never organised themselves like the other disciplines - for instance, PANSA is the performing artists network and so on? PANSA goes around lobbying on behalf of its members and putting its case to the government for large chunks of money, while we poor visual artists sit around without a common voice. Wouldn't we like to push for tax concessions for corporates buying art? For government to introduce a 1% for art allowance for all new public buildings? For the planning for a proper museum of contemporary art?

All this is about to change. Flew to Johannesburg today for the day to participate in a meeting arranged by Mike van Graan of PANSA to get a parallel network going for artists. This is part of the initiative for an International Network for Cultural Diversity. Mike has all the documents and arguments prepared (lucky visual artists that we don't have to go throughthe tortuous process of hammering all this out for the first time), and a committee is elected from visual arts attendees from around the country to arrange regional launches in the first part of next year to be followed by a national launch. Good!

Monday, November 18

The third proof of Zwelethu Mthethwa's beautiful print for Editions for ArtThrob arrives from Lightworks Imaging in Johannesburg arrives, and I meet Zwelethu at InFinArt to see if he is happy that the print has now reached its full potential. He approves this version, which you can see elsewhere on the site, and a frame is chosen. It will be on view at the opening of his exhibition at the AVA on Monday, December 2.

Tuesday November 19

It's the auction in aid of HIVV/AIDS tonight. Organised by Beezy Bailey this takes place at the Grand West Hotel and Casino in Goodwood, First time I've been here, and the mix of styles and decor is very weird, but the ev ent has been well organised. Not many artists have pitched up to see their work go under the hammer, but they never spend any money anyway, and this crowd looks suitably well heeled. Comedian Mark Banks warms the crowd up, making digs at Marilyn Martin along the way. Well, anyone is fair game for comedians, but my companion Barbara Jakobson, a trustee of New York's MOMA is a little shocked when distinguished auctioneer Stephan Welz also takes a potshot or two at Marilyn. Anyway, on with the art. Top price for the evening goes to Marlene Dumas' gouache, at the top of ArtThrob's Contents page last week, with a bid of R200 000. A William Kentridge mine dump charcoal reaches R80 000. Barbara buys the fine David Goldblatt on offer for R10 000, and altogether the evening brings in R1.2 million.

Wednesday November 20

Out to Stellenbosch for a drink at the Sasol Museum. I was supposed to open a show of HIV/AIDS prints at the US Art Gallery on December 5, and I must tell them that I am leaving for Argentina to help give some artists' workshops on the 3rd, and we will have to make another arrangement. I hate not doing what I have said I'll do, but I promise to find an appropriate alternative.

Thursday, November 21 - end of month

Work like crazy on my maquette for the International Convention Centre.

Thursday, November 21 � 28

Work like crazy on trying to finish my maquette for the International Convention Centre.

Friday, November 29

Hand it in.

Saturday, November 30

At last - the William Kentridge retrospective which has been touring the United States opens in Cape Town at the South African National Gallery. The show is a triumph! So exciting to be there. Everyone who has seen it at its overseas venues agrees the show has never looked better. And nor has the SANG. A large portion of the back galleries so long used for storage for the gallery collection have been opened up again, and the SANG feels spacious once more. Technical equipment has been sent over from the States to show all the videos, and the link between video, drawing, Kentridge's bronze sculptures and the Handspring Puppet show 'Episodes' hung in an adjoining gallery makes for in depth viewing. Minister of Culture Dr Ben Ngubane opens the show, In his usual disarming manner, Kentridge delivers a short speech, and gallerist Linda Givon and the the SANG's Marilyn Martin, Emma Bedford and Kathy Grundlingh are all beaming.

Paul Edmunds will review the show for the next update.


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