Archive: Issue No. 59, July 2002

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Aryan Kaganof

Aryan Kaganof

Artist Aryan Kaganof publishes debut novel

Recently featured on Artthrob for having won the 12th Festival of African Cinema in Milan with his film Western 4.33, Aryan Kaganof, soon to be exhibiting his digital paintings at Durban's NSA Gallery, has further extended his creative output with the publishing of his debut novel Hectic! First published by Podium Holland in November 2001 in a Dutch translation under the title Hectisch!, the English original was turned down by Cape Town publisher Kwela Books because it was "too shocking". Described by Dutch newspaper De Volkskrant as a "comic book without the drawings ... a glimpse into the world of drugs, guns, designer labels, techno and empty sex", Hectic! marks Kaganof as one of a new generation of South African writers that has experienced the tail-end of apartheid and wants nothing to do with its direct legacy. For information about availability email

DaimlerChrysler focuses on dance for 2003

The fourth DaimlerChrysler art award will be given for South African choreography in 2003. The award has twice been given to visual artists - Jane Alexander in 2002 and Kay Hassan in 2000. The nominees for the choreography award are Sbonakaliso Ndaba, Ntsikelelo "Boyzie" Cekwana, Acty Tang, Gladys Agulhas, Gregory Vuyani Maqoma, David Gouldie, PJ Sabbagha and David Matamela. The award was introduced in 1999 to promote South African artists and to bring them back into the international art arena after decades of forced isolation as a result of apartheid. The idea behind the initiative is to improve the image of South African culture, both at home and abroad, strengthen its profile and, in this way ensure that the international community takes greater notice of the high standard of South African art. Unlike the previous three DaimlerChrysler Awards, South African Choreography 2003 falls under the sole custodianship of DaimlerChrysler South Africa and as such has been broadened to be responsive to the specific needs, conditions, changes and potentials of the South African arts and culture sector. The most important amendment to date has been the appointment of a separate selection and jury panel, the latter of which will convene at the Dance Factory in Johannesburg for a public two-day adjudication process on November 6 and 7 before the winner is announced on November 8.

Durban's Ningizima School creates Statue of Liberty

The Ningizima School for the Severely Mentally Handicapped is famous for its banners and wall hangings made up of the trashy throwaway detritus of our society. Coloured plastic, tin foil, beads and string get woven together to make fantastic, brightly decorated, constructions that hang at events like the Durban International Film Festival or the International Poetry Festival. Recently they undertook to make a work that indicated their support of the people of New York after September 11. They built a bead sculpture of the Statue of Liberty which has been purchased by the US Consul in Durban and which will soon be freighted to the United States for display.