Archive: Issue No. 62, October 2002

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Fritha Langerman & Katherine Bull

Fritha Langerman and Katherine Bull
Enraved glass, steel and aluminium discs and reworked cat's eyes
Actual size to be 60 cm in diameter

Kevin Brand

Kevin Brand
Untitled maquette, scale 1:10
Medium: cast bronze, painted and sealed
23 cm x 20 cm x 9.5 cm

Paul Edmunds

Paul Edmunds
Untitled maquette, scale 1:10
Medium: wood
Final to be cast iron elements bolted together
17 cm x 12 cm x 1.8 cm

Bull and Langerman win Cape Town public sculpture competition

Cape Town artists Katherine Bull and Fritha Langerman have won the third Cape Town public sculpture competition with a collaborative piece entitled Come to Pass. The six judges of the competition were Alan Alborough, Rayda Becker, David Brown, Marilyn Martin, Melvyn Minnaar and Zwelethu Mthethwa.

Originally, the sculpture was supposed to occupy a somewhat akward position on the cramped corner of St George's Mall and Shortmarket Street, but the winners requested a position in the centre of the mall instead. Their piece is a series of recessed circular lights with engraved steel and glass elements set into the mall in a cruciform shape, commemorating Cape Town's history. Bull and Langerman will have twelve months in which to complete the winning piece. It will form the third public sculpture of its kind, the previous competitions having been won by John Skotnes with his Mythological Landscape in Thibault Square and Brett Murray with his Africa in St George's Mall at the Waterkant Street intersection.

This competition is sponsored by the J.K. Gross Trust under the executorship of Colin Traub and is administered by the A. V. A. (Association for Visual Arts). A sum of R80 000 has been set aside for the execution and installation of the winning sculpture and the artists will receive R40 000 in prize money.

Two strong contenders for the prize were finalists Kevin Brand and Paul Edmunds. Tackling the akwardness of the site, Edmunds had proposed a curved screen of cast aluminium elements sprayed a brilliant orange, which would have had a strong presence on the corner without taking up walking space. Brand had submitted a maquette of three life size soccer players, with a space where a person might stand to be photographed to be fourth in the line up. A statement from the judges said they felt both these works "were eminently suitable for the site and would make a significant contribution to public sculpture in the city. However, funds prevented all three from winning the competition".

Bull is a Fine Art and Printmaking lecturer at the University of Stellenbosch, and Langerman is a lecturer in the Print and Media section at the Michaelis School at UCT.

The maquettes of the winners and the two finalists will be on show at the A.V.A. from Wednesday, 16 October until Saturday, 26 October 2002.

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