Archive: Issue No. 71, July 2003

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Donny Meyer
Date: July 15
Subject: Robert Motherwell

A colleague of mine here at the Dedalus Foundation (the residual legatee of the estate of Robert Motherwell) informed me that you and others at ArtThrob do a great job of keeping a finger on the pulse of the art world in and around South Africa. I know that you are primarily concerned with contemporary art, but I am wondering whether or not you may be able to point me in the direction of museums, galleries, and other institutions in South Africa, which either own or have exhibited works by Motherwell. We at the Dedalus foundation are currently working on the Catalogue Raisonn´┐Ż of Paintings and Collages by Robert Motherwell (which, of course, we hope to be as comprehensive as possible) and would be grateful for any information about works by that artist. In addition to having consulted the International Directory of Arts 2002, I have conducted what I hope has been a thorough search of South African museums and galleries on the web. I plan to send letters to those museums and galleries that might know anything about the presence of Motherwell works in South Africa. I am hoping that you might be able to help me in my research by providing me with the names of museums, galleries, dealers, and/ or private collectors that might be potential resources. Thank you for your time and your help in this matter.

Best regards,
Donny Meyer

Thanks for your colleague's compliment. I do recall a Motherwell print in the Tatham Art Gallery in Pietermaritzburg, but can't be sure if I've seen any paintings in any of our public collections. This is not really our area of specialisation, but it's quite possible a visitor to the site may be able to help you.

Kymberly S. Newberry
Date: June 20
Subject: Art South Africa

I am a subscriber who lives in Los Angeles, Ca. How can I possibly purchase issues of the new magazine "Art South Africa"? I had no luck searching on the internet. Thank you.

Send an email to, or visit You can also phone +27. 21. 422 1100.

David M. M. Riep
Date: June 17
Subject: Sotho Artist

Greetings! Kudos on a great site. I always enjoy viewing it. I am trying to find practicing contemporary artists of Sotho (South) descent. Do you know of any database where I may be able to find this information?

My only suggestion is that you try using the South African Art Information Directory at

John Peffer
Date: June 3
Subject: June Issue of ArtThrob

Thanks for the update. Things are looking mighty white in this issue though. Why is that?
John Peffer, Smith College, Art Department, Hillyer Hall, Northampton, MA 01063

An apposite question, one we hope is answered (in part) by this month's update, which is dedicated to exploring the intricacies of contemporary black art practice in South Africa today.

Ashish Ghoshr
Date: June 3
Subject: Collaboration

I came to know from a reliable source that your appreciation and inspiration are helping a lot to the new generation artist who is trying to break through the obstruction. I have completed my BFA and MFA in India. I am interested in site-specific outdoor sculpture, where I am tying to move out the artwork from the gallery to open air and trying to involve different creative experimentation. In the year 2000, I installed my sculpture 'Floating World' in Art Forest at Austria, and in 2001 'Intimate Beauty' at Eurropos paras at Lithuania. Now. Is there any public art project or outdoor sculpture project or exchange camp I can participate in?

The public art terrain (and debate) is hotting up locally. Contact Public Eye, the convenors of the Spier Outdoor Sculpture Biennale and Waterway: The V&A Waterfront Outdoor Sculpture Festival on, or visit their website at