Archive: Issue No. 69, May 2003

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Frans Groenewald
Date: May 9
Subject: HELP

Thanks for a great website and news, etc. Could you please have a quick look at my portfolio and tell me how to go about getting some exposure on your website.

Kind regards
Frans Groenewald

Hello Frans. Yours is not an unusual request so I thought I would reply via the exchange section. We are not in the habit of profiling emerging unless it is by way of listing a current exhibition. We also do not review portfolios, simply because any comments would be rather subjective - such personal opinions do not come with the endorsement of the site. I am currently investigating the feasibility of introducing a new section to our site, dedicated to profiling emerging talent. But this is still in the planning phases. To summarise: you are probably still best off visiting galleries with your portfolio. Sean O'Toole.

Rias de Beer
Date: May 7
Subject: Kentridge print

I have an original William Kentridge print (Image size 350 X 350mm, paper size 500 X 650mm). I live in Pretoria. Where can I find out how his prints are normally framed (are there any hard and fast rules when it comes to his work) and, secondly, who could I take it to for framing in Gauteng? The reason for this seemingly ignorant question is that I read on an American site, concerning Kentridge's prints, that the paper on which the print is done should always be fully exposed (in the frame) and should never be partially covered by board. Could someone please advise?


I suggest you contact either the Goodman Gallery, Tel: (011) 788 1113, Fax: (011) 788 9887, Email:; or David Krut Fine Art, Tel: (011) 646 8595/ 880 4242, Fax: (011) 646 9932, Email:

Sarah McCarthy
Date: April 3
Subject: (Discount on Editions prints)

I am considering buying a Kentridge and a Hodgins in your ArtThrob Editions. Would this qualify me for a discount, in the light of a double purchase? And do you have editions available with the same number? Thank you

At risk of sounding rude, and repeating things, I would like to repeat a key rationale underpinning the Editions for ArtThrob programme. The programme will not only furnish an opportunity for collectors to build up a unique art collection, it will also keep ArtThrob alive by bringing in an income to pay the editorial and maintenance costs of the site. Implicit behind the programme is the generous gesture of the artists involved. Profit has never been an imperative, rather the longevity of ArtThrob and the necessity of making contemporary artists affordable to a loyal audience. The pricing structure we devised is such that is cost-effective without insulting the intrinsic market value of the participating artists. That said we appreciate that discounts are part and parcel of the economic process. As of yet we have not formulated a discount policy that is linked, or commensurate with multiple purchases. All requests for discounts are presently being reviewed on an individual basis. We will however NOT entertain discount requests on single purchases. If you have a discount query on a volume purchase, please direct your query to I hope this clears things up. Sean O'Toole.

Rebecca Johnson
Date: April 20
Subject: Brett Murray

I am looking for more information on Brett Murray, since I am writing my dissertation on South African contemporary artists. Any information is helpful.

Thanks a lot,

Use ArtThrob's search engine, there's plenty there. I also suggest you contact the South African National Gallery, currently hosting his Standard Bank Young Artist Award show. The show includes a comprehensive catalogue. There is also some good info in Sue Williamson and Ashraf Jamal's 'Art in South Africa: The Future Present'.

Date: April 20
Subject: Mandela installation

I don't have much to go on but I recall an artist who did an installation piece for Mandela in a township/ shantytown a couple of years back. Does anyone remember his name and particulars around the event?

Sorry, it rings no bells with me. Perhaps it will jar someone else's memory. Anyone else interested in the use of Mandela's iconography in art and graphics should look out for the forthcoming issue of Eye magazine (, which will feature a piece on this very subject written by ArtThrob editor Sean O'Toole. The Johannesburg Art Gallery also has a publication dedicated only to artworks depicting the former South African president. Copies are still available from the JAG at

Peet Pienaar
Date: April 20
Subject: Bruce Gordon

Did Suzy Bell pay the R52000 for Bruce Gordon?

So the story goes. Beezy Bailey, apparently, is not that convinced. [Do you think we should demand a copy of the deposit slip? - Ed.]

Date: April 20
Subject: Candice Breitz

Is there any particular reason Candice Breitz's artbio is not showing up?


Unfortunately we have been having some trouble with our archives. Now that we've moved back to our original hosts MWEB, we anticipate ironing out those rough spots. Thanks for notifying us.

Fritha Langerman
Date: April 20
Subject: Cape Town Public Sculpture Commission

I should like to correct Paul Edmunds, who seems to be of the impression that an alternative site for the Cape Town Public Sculpture Commission of the Heerengracht was proposed by the artists. Please note that this was a council proposal and was rejected outright by the artists for many of the reasons that he raises as well as the political potency of that area.

Thanks for pointing that out and please accept my apologies. My inaccuracy stemmed only from a genuine misunderstanding in my conversation with Estelle Jacobs who has been very involved in the administration of the commission.