Archive: Issue No. 74, October 2003

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This Day launches with a polemic against the SANG

In its debut edition, the ambitious national daily This Day set the tone of its fine arts coverage (in the Review pull-out) with two pieces by well-known arts writers Adam Levin and Lloyd Pollak.

Taking a stand against Iziko director Marilyn Martin's attempts at change management, more particularly the recent competition aimed at rejuvenating the South African National Gallery's forecourt, Pollak commented: "One can only conclude that Iziko's passion for ideological posturing and meaningless Utopian gestures has replaced the quest for aesthetic excellence and ensured yet another triumph of the third rate."

Levin offered a more subdued look at the achievements of the Polly Street Bantu men's Social Club, which nurtured talents such as Dumile Feni and Sydney Khumalo. Karen Bliksem, of The Sunday Independent, was singularly unimpressed by the rival paper, stating This Day's "opening salvo seemed to me more of a whimper than bang".