Archive: Issue No. 73, September 2003

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Brett Murray and Mario Pisarra in Polvo magazine

Polvo is 12 page quarterly tabloid edited and contributed by a volunteer with an international team of artists, scholars, critics, writers, and is published through Polvo Art Studio in Chicago. The next issue, Fall 2003, will concentrate the topic of popular culture. This issue features essays by writers Mary Jane Garza, and Leonard Ramirez; interviews with Jay Slater and literary badboy JT LeRoy; and the artwork of Cape Town artists Brett Murray, amongst others. Local writer Mario Pisarra comments on Murray's works.

"Forms of popular culture include television, comics and magazines, pop music and the cinema," says Roxanne Howdle of Polvo. "It is acknowledged that mass culture is to some extent a continuation of the old Folk Art that grew through the Industrial Revolution as the culture of the common people. The noticeable dissimilarity is its own spontaneity and ability to satisfy the needs of the people, without the benefit of high culture."

Polvo is distributed free to art galleries, cafes, bookstores, and local city college/ university campuses in the US, and is available in South Africa free of charge in Johannesburg's Spaza Art Gallery.