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05.11.04 Seminal 01 invites submissions
05.11.04 SoundLab Channel Edition II call for proposals
05.11.04 Artists wanted for Visual AIDS Postcards From the Edge Benefit
05.11.04 Aeolian Ride invites participants
05.11.04 Office/ studio to let in Observatory
05.11.04 The Surface-online invites contributions
05.11.04 Funding sought for mosaic project


03.10.04 XIVth German International Exhibition of Graphic Art 2005
02.08.04 VideoChannel invites submissions
02.08.04 Gallery in Georgia, USA seeks South African artists
01.07.04 Submissions invited for Norwegian Opera House Commission
01.05.04 Remembering-Repressing-Forgetting Newmediafest 2004
03.02.04 2004 Commonwealth Photographic Awards
03.02.04 UNESCO-Aschberg Bursaries for Artists Programme
01.11.03 AVA invites submissions
01.11.03 ArtSPACE Durban calls for exhibition proposals for 2004
15.10.03 My Mission: call for submissions
15.09.03 Donate your art to aids orphans auction website


01.06.04 Space to hire at the old Bijou, Cape Town
01.05.04 Girls Night Out looking for sponsorship


Seminal 01 invites submissions

Static and Wildatart invites Fine Art students to participate in a project for the 2004 Liverpool Biennial. 'Seminal' is an open writing competition seeking 10 promising artists whose writing is enquiring, perceptive, opinionated and articulate.

In order to survive and thrive in the contemporary world, young artists must take control of how their work is presented and must understand how to articulate their ideas in many ways. Whatever medium an artist uses, at some point the ability to describe his or her thoughts in writing is essential. Static believes in stimulating these skills, recognising that, while many art students may never become artists, they may become remarkable writers.

Static, Wildatart and a respected visual arts writer will select 10 artists. Those chosen will be invited to an all-expenses-paid two-day workshop to view the Biennial and work with the co-ordination team. Following this the chosen artists will develop a new text exploring an aspect of the Liverpool Biennial, to be published online and at a public event at Static Gallery, Liverpool, November 28.

To apply simply send a piece of new or existing writing that explores an aspect of visual art, such as an exhibition, performance, artist etc, to Static at no later than Saturday November 6.

Contact Becky Shaw on 07940 759245 for any further information or visit

SoundLab Channel Edition II call for proposals

Melody Parker-Carter, Chief curator of SoundLab Channel is currently preparing edition II of SoundlabChannel and invites sound artists from all parts of the globe to submit proposals.

Soundlab Channel and its first edition were launched and installed in the framework of [R][R][F]2004--->XP global networking project on occasion of Biennale of Electronic Arts in Perth/Australia from September 1 - November 1, 2004. The second edition launches in February 2005 on occasion of a physical presentation series of [R][R][F]2004--->XP in Palestine, Israel and Germany.

SoundLab Channel is looking for soundart works of the following sorts:

a) experimental character
b) electronic music
c) Voice -sound/music integration
d) and other forms

The general subject of SoundLab Channel is 'memory and identity' and for edition II the theme of 'separate/unite' is proposed.

The submission has to be posted on a webpage for download, so please do not send it as an email attachement. Send your submission as an .mp3, max size 5MB (exceptions are possible on negotiation).

The authors/artists keep all rights on their submitted works.

Deadline December 18, 2004.

Submit in the following format:

1. name of artist, email address, URL
2. short biography/CV (not more than 300 words)
3. works (maximum 3), year of production, running time
a) URL for download
4. short statement for each work (not more than 300 words each)


The submitter declares and confirms that he/she is holding all author's rights and gives permission to include the submitted work in 'Soundlab' online environment until revoke.

Send the complete submission to: with 'Soundlab Channel' in the subject line.

Artists wanted for Visual AIDS Postcards From the Edge Benefit

Visual AIDS invites artists to participate in our seventh annual 'Postcards From the Edge' benefit. We are looking for artists to create and donate a 4" x 6" (10x15cm) work on paper for exhibition and sale. Painting, drawing, photography, printmaking and mixed media are welcomed. We are pleased to announce that our host gallery this year will be Brent Sikkema. Added this year will also be a pre-view event on Saturday, December 4 from 6 - 9pm. The benefit sale will be Sunday, December 5 from 3 - 6pm.

'Postcards From the Edge' is a show and sale of original, postcard-sized artworks on paper by established and emerging artists. All artworks will be priced at $50 and sold on a first-come, first-serve basis. The works are signed on the back and exhibited so that the artists' signatures cannot be seen. While the buyers have a list of participating artists, they don't know who created which piece until it is purchased and the signature is revealed. A collector might end up with a work by a famous artist or someone they don't yet know. Either way, they walk away with a great piece of art while supporting Visual AIDS' important work.

Send a 6" x 9" SASE to:

Visual AIDS
526 West 26th Street #510
New York, NY 10001
Postcards From the Edge Benefit 2003

Or create your artwork on any 4" x 6" paper. Remember to only sign the back. Then download the submission form ( and mail your piece with the form to the address above. Please consider including $1.00 for postage and handling. If you would like confirmation that we received your artwork, please send a self-addressed, stamped postcard with your submission. Only one submission per artist

Deadline: November 15

Aeolian Ride invites participants

Aeolian Ride is a free, public art event where 50 people wear wind-inflated suits and ride their bicycles through cities around the world. Aeolian Ride seeks to excite, delight and involve the rider as well as the passerby. The idea is to create a fun, public participatory art event that transforms the landscape of the city. The first Aeolian Ride took place in New York (06.04.04), starting in Manhattan and ending in Brooklyn. The next rides were in San Francisco, California joining the Bicycle Film Festival Parade (10.07.04) and for a longer ride starting in Golden Gate Park (10.09.04). On November 20 2004 the Aeolian Ride comes to Cape Town, South Africa. Sign up to ride online at

All 50 suits were handmade out of rip-stop nylon and easily inflate when riding at a slow pace. There are three suit shapes, a 'bunny' a 'bubble' and a 'drop'. A pattern for the 'bubble' suit is available online for those who wish to make their own. Inventing your own suit is encouraged!

20% of all donations to the Aeolian Ride will go to Recycle-a-Bicycle and other educational charities for children. This project recently received a grant towards the New York and Africa rides from the Black Rock Arts Collective.

This project was created by Brooklyn based artist Jessica Findley. Findley received her BA from The Evergreen State College and her Master's from NYU's Interactive Telecommunications Program. She has exhibited her work in numerous cities including New York, Hong Kong, Havana, Cuba, Bremen, Germany and Gothenburg, Sweden. To view her online portfolio go to: For more info write to Jessica at or call her on Tel: 646 498 7969 (USA)

Read more about Aeolian Ride in our News section

Office/ studio to let in Observatory

Available now. Fresh, light, secure, alarmed. Separate entrance through indigenous garden, 2x ADSL ports (connection included. In very cool new offices/renovated house in Lower Main Road, Observatory, Cape Town. Seeking relaxed creative types. No BMWs/SLKs. R1650 p.m.

Call Sean: 083 9888 258, or email

The Surface-online invites contributions

The Surface-online is a Scottish-based international chronicle of observation and comment - a shop window for aspiring writers, poets, illustrators, photographers and journalists. We offer no fee.

The Surface is completely and fiercely independent and involves no charge at any time to either reader or contributor. The Surface is self-funded through donations. If you would like your work showcased to literary agents, art directors and editors worldwide then please feel free to contribute.

Each edition of The Surface will be hung on a theme, each theme broad and open to interpretation - your interpretation. We are open to suggestion on future themes.

Submission Guidelines:

Submissions should be made to the editor of the specific section. Please read and follow the guidelines at

Visual Arts -

Photography -

Strip Cartoons -

For all other communications please contact the editor at

The Surface represents the diversity and talents of creative people. Submissions should reflect the interests of an international readership.

2004/05 - Themes

America - Following the USA elections we reflect on America. Despotic Empire or land of the free? America has established itself as a sole superpower - but to what purpose? There seem to a lot of people either side of the fence when it comes to loving or hating America. Does size matter? What does America mean, politically, economically, demographically, etc.? Does everyone believe the ideals that America holds dear - freedom, democracy? Are there truly any things which are self-evident? The deadline for copy and artwork is December 10, 2004.

Language - Reflections and explorations of the English language in its many forms and variations. In examining language are we looking at how our language shapes how we think, and therefore who we think we are? What would it mean for humanity to have a truly global language, should it ever occur? The deadline for copy and artwork is February 10, 2005.

Rise and Fall of God And the Devil - the inspirations of the sublime and the profane. Is God particularly relevant to the age in which we live? Secularism; do we actually need God any more? Have we grown up? The deadline for copy and artwork is April 10, 2005.

Second Generation - the impact of being the children of emigrants, (political, economic, nomadic), born in lands foreign to your parents, but so familiar to you. The tensions of the two cultures and values, the Old Ways contrasting with the New Ways, the irony of parents emigrating to provide a better life for their children, but still wanting their family to follow the old traditions, culture, values, language even, and religion, and the fabulous art forms that evolve from the melting pot of humanity the Global Village can and does produce. The deadline for copy and artwork is June 10, 2005.

Games - from the social games we play: white lies, flirtation, roles in society; to actual contests of strength, intellect or guile between people and countries. Olympian feats to drawing room farce - the world as the artist's game board. The deadline for copy and artwork is August 10, 2005.

Degrees of consciousness -The subtlety of consciousness and the scales on which it occurs. Sentience; self-awareness. From a single neuron to a whole universe. Where does it come from and can it be reproduced artificially? Is it just an illusion? What does it actually mean, if anything, to be able to reason about one's existence? The deadline for copy and artwork is October 10, 2005.

'Etcetera' - a new section edited collectively by the editorial team, it will contain approaches and material that don't fit into the more formal areas of The Surface: we want to highlight Internet-based installations, films, music, avant garde work, new projects online; in fact, anything that feeds our theme and provides surprise. This section will be accumulative with material, links and other media being retained and compacting as the issues proceed.

'Postcards from the edge' will be our own central pivot to this new section - it could be seen as artistic form of Bogging where artists and writers are connected from the same location - the writer produces a short piece of prose/poetry/text as the message of the postcard and the rtist/photographer creates an image. It will be about a specific place - in a one off production or as a series.

For more info, contact

Funding sought for mosaic project

About two years ago I got a whole lot of tiles donated very kindly by the late Peter Kroll. This was for another project which fell through. I was left with a whole lot of tiles and wondered what to do with them. Driving past the Yeoville Swimming Pool one day and seeing how shabby and delapidated it looked I decided it would be a great idea to do a mosaic there. (I live in Yeoville)

I got hold of the Sports and Recreation person in charge of the Yeoville Swimming Pool, who was very enthusiastic about the idea. He gave me the go-ahead and also said he would love Yeoville to be full of mosaics and murals. I then got a group of friends together and some helpers and over about 10 weeks we did the mosaic. I asked the council to scrub and clean the entrance which was filthy.

The swimming pool is one of the few places where families can go and peacefully enjoy themselves and I thought it deserved some attention. I also wanted to make some contribution by uplifting and beautifying Yeoville, as it has been severely neglected by the council. I'm hoping that by doing this mosaic it has a positive effect on the area and the people who use it. I do think people respond positively when they see that an effort is being made. I also think that groups of friends who are professionals should get together to do small projects to help uplift inner city areas in which ever way they can, either by doing an art project or perhaps by training people. A small effort can go a long way to improving our inner city.

The council now wants me to do the other 6 pools in Region 8 (including Ellis Park) except they say they have no budget. If you have any ideas on who I can contact for sponsorship (including any possible government departments), I would greatly appreciate it.

Please contact Gabrielle Ozynski


XIVth German International Exhibition of Graphic Art 2005

In order to support talented young artists, this year the International Competition of Graphic Art, to be held in Frechen, has introduced an age limit, inviting professional artists born since 1965 to submit their work. Entries must be executed in one of the graphic arts. New graphic practices (laser printing, etc.) are as welcome as traditional printmaking techniques (woodcut, linocut, screen printing, etching, etc.). Three-dimensional works and monoprints may be submitted as well, as long as they can be classified as graphic art.

The admission jury is comprised of five judges: Herbert Eichhorn (St�s'ische Galerie Bietigheim-Bissingen), Dr. Jenny Graf-Bicher (Kunstverein Frchen), Professor Bettina van Haaren (University of Dortmund), Dr. Georg Imdahl (K�r Stadt-Anzeiger) and Professor Udo Scheel (Rector Academy of Fine Arts Muenster). The admission jury will choose the works that will be shown in the exhibition as well as the prize-winners. Three prizes will be awarded in the amounts of 2500 euros, 1500 euros and 1000 euros.

The closing date for entries is December 1, 2004.

For further information and entry forms, call 0049-2234-16967 or email:

Gallery in Georgia, USA seeks South African artists

Fine Art Gallery in Roswell, Georgia (USA) seeks talented artists from South Africa. The gallery is located in an affluent part of the city, surrounded by other galleries, bookstores and fine restaurants.

Please submit work and resumé to:

Laramee Fine Art
984 Canton St.
Roswell, Georgia (USA) 30075

Email submissions should be sent to:

VideoChannel invites submissions

VideoChannel a common project environment of Cinematheque at MediaCentre and [R][R][F]2004XP invites video artists to submit proposals.

Subject: 'Memory and identity' and/or 'Violence'
Running time: minimum 1 minute � maximum 10 minutes
Dimensions: 320x240 pixels
Deadline: October 30, 2004.

The following digital formats are accepted:
URL (if the work is posted online or for download), mpeg, Quicktime (.mov) with DiVX compression (.avi), Real Video (rm), Windows Media (.wmf), Flash video (.swf).

Due to the optionally large size of the videos, please do not attach any video work to the submission, but make the media file available for download from your server.

Only works combining an excellent artistic expression with excellent image quality will be selected.

Please use this form for submission: 1. name of artist, email address, URL
2. short biography/CV (not more than 300 words)
3. 1 work only, include title, year of production, running time
a) URL of the posted work online, or
b) URL from where the media file can be downloaded
4. short work description (not more than 300 words each)

The artists or owners of the video works will retain all rights on their submitted works.

The submitter declares and confirms that he/she is holding all author's rights and gives permission to include the submitted work in 'VideoChannel' online environment until revoke.

Signed by (submitter) Please send the complete submission to: with 'Video Channel' in the subject line.

The successful submissions will be launched on occasion of the physical installation during 404 New Media Art Festival Rosario/Argentina which takes place in December 2004.

Submissions invited for Norwegian Opera House Commission

The Art Committee for the New Opera House in Oslo, Norway, would like to draw your attention to an invitation to participate in a pre-qualifying round of public art/ design commission. Visit the following website for more information: where an English version is available.

Remembering-Repressing-Forgetting Newmediafest 2004 global networking is preparing a feature related to Iraq - the war and the period afterwards, and is looking for proposals of net-based art works, papers, articles, comments, links etc which fit in this spectrum.

Accepted works and items must have a clearly defined copyright note and will be included in the new Iraq module to be created. Besides URLs of works or sources, certain media files are acceptable, see specifications below.

Please use this form for submitting:

1. first name/ name of artist, email, URL
2. a brief bio/ CV (not more than 300 words)
3. title and URL or type of media file
4. a short work description (not more than 300 words)
5. one screen shot (max 800x600 pixels, .jpg)

Please send your submission to with 'Iraq' in the subject line.

Only these types of media files are accepted:

1. text - plain email, .txt or .doc
2. image -.jpg
3. movie -.swf, .dcr, .mov, .mpeg

The deadline is ongoing and as soon as submissions are accepted, they will be included and posted.

UNESCO-Aschberg Bursaries for Artists Programme

In the early sixties the Swedish philanthropist couple Aschberg donated a mansion located in Ile-de-France to UNESCO. In the memory of the patrons and in conformity with the spirit of their donation, the mansion was sold in 1992 and UNESCO decided to allocate the totality of the interests perceived from the capital of the sale to the creation of the UNESCO-Aschberg Bursaries for Artists.

The UNESCO-Aschberg Bursaries for Artists program was created in 1994 to open new career prospects to young artists and give them opportunities to continue their training in specialised institutions.

Since its creation, the number of fellowships granted and applications received regularly increase. Hundreds of young artists have already benefited from the program. For 2004/2005, the program proposes 57 fellowships offered by 48 partner institutions from 27 countries.

These fellowships are co-financed by the Fund for the Promotion of Culture (IFPC) and an international network of partner institutions specialised in the training of artists. IFPC was created in November 1974 during the 18th session of UNESCO General Conference. The original objective was to create a development bank designed to help cultural management turned into a financial fund to support cultural projects. Today The Fund's mission consists in offering complementary funds to artists' and entrepreneurs' projects so that cultural diversity could profit from globalisation instead of being its victim.

For more information, please consult the website:

1, rue Miollis 75732 Paris Cedex 15 - France

2004 Commonwealth Photographic Awards

The 6th annual Commonwealth Photographic Awards, organised by the Commonwealth Press Union in collaboration with the Commonwealth Broadcasting Association, is an open competition for amateur and professional photographers. A special category has been created this year for Under 18's.

For full details contact Jane Rangeley on email: or visit:

AVA invites submissions

The Association For Visual Arts (AVA) in Cape Town invites submissions from visual artists who wish to exhibit at AVA from 2004 onwards. The Selection Committee of the AVA meets every two months to review submissions and the next meeting takes place on Wednesday, November 19. Selection meetings take place every second month thereafter.

Interested artists should bring to the gallery six to eight works (these can be supplemented by visual material such as slides and photographs), a CV and a short letter of intent or an artist's statement. The committee is most interested in reviewing the work that the artists wish to exhibit or else their most recent works. Artists can collect their works the day after the meeting.

In addition, any curators wishing to curate exhibitions for AVA should submit proposals to AVA's Selection Committee.

AVA is committed to the ongoing promotion of art and artists, both emerging and established, both formally trained and self- taught. For more information, contact Estelle Jacobs.

Association for Visual Arts
35 Church Street, Cape Town
Tel: (021) 424 7436
Fax: (021) 423 2637

ArtSPACE Durban calls for exhibition proposals for 2004

ArtSPACE Durban (aSd) is looking for artists to submit proposals for exhibiting work in 2004. Contemporary work, including installations and new media with a focus on challenging embedded perceptions, is encouraged.

aSd is housed in a warehouse just off Umgeni Road in Durban in a suitably gritty industrial environment with a view of the sea. The space is robust and calls for interaction. Exhibition rentals are reasonable as the Main Gallery is R280 per week (180 sq. meters), the Middle Gallery R140 per week (50 sq. meters) and the Coffee Lounge R 60 per week (48 sq. meters). ASd can also take care of invitations (per 1000 (A6) R 550) whilst postage is R1.80 per invite.

The running wall space of the various galleries is as follows:

Main Gallery: 33 meters @ 3.5 meters high
Middle Gallery: 18.4 m @ 3 m high
Coffee Lounge 15.2 m @ 3 m high
Total 66.6 m

25% commission is charged on works sold.

For more info contact Karen on 312-0793 or 083-300-9804.

My Mission: call for submissions

'{self}_representation 2003', the new show on Le Musee di-visioniste curated by Agricola de Cologne and launched on September 30 2003, invites artists to submit to the recently initiated project 'My Mission', a collection of textual self-representations in form of artistic statements.

Please send your statement as a short text in plain email format (no more than 500 words), stating how you see your mission as an artist.

'My mission' is an ongoing project with an open end, so you can send your statement at any time, there is no deadline.

All serious entries will be immediately included.

Send submissions to with 'My Mission' in the subject line. or

Donate your art to AIDS orphans auction website

Last year the Art for AIDS Orphans auction raised over a million rands for AIDS orphans. Organizer Nicci Bailey is currently setting up a permanent charity website gallery,, and are requesting that all artists who would like to donate a piece for this worthy cause to log onto our site.

Contact: Nicci Bailey


Space to hire at the old Bijou, Cape Town

Situated on Lower Main Road, Woodstock, the old Bijou is home to the Blacksmith Forge, and was previously Public Eye and Odd Enjinears headquarters as well as The Curve bar. This large Deco building was formerly a cinema and has many separate and linked spaces. Currently the front of the building from where The Curve bar was situated up to the top, including a projection room and space under the steps, the open air steps and deck, are unoccupied. This premises would suit an adventurous company with a need for space and mind-blowing offices.

For more information contact:

Girls Night Out looking for sponsorship

'Girls Night Out' is a thematic group show of invited artists to be held as part of the third Month of Photography festival, February 15 - March 20, 2005 at the João Ferreira Gallery, Cape Town.

Curators Tracy Lindner Gander and Geeta Chagan, are looking for like-minded businesses/ individuals to sponsor the event. Finances are required to cover artwork production costs, venue rental, and the creation and production of marketing material, which includes exhibition invitations and a catalogue.

The aim of the show is to promote an awareness of the wide range of artists/ photographic styles employed by artists living in South Africa - to break with the largely male-oriented view of contemporary South African life as expressed through traditional photographic practice. To this end, both emerging and established artists have been invited to participate in the exhibition.

Participating artists include: Bridget Baker, Lien Botha, Claire Breukel, Katherine Bull, Arnold Erasmus, Tracy Lindner Gander, Dorothee Kreutzveldt, Sarah Nankin, Varenka Paschke, Claire Sarembock, Lance Slabbert, Penny Siopis and Sue Williamson. For biographical information on participating artists, please point your browser to

Please contact the curators for additional information.

Tracy: (021) 448-8750 or 083 254-9167, email: Geeta: (021) 423-5403 (o/h) or 082 218-4882, email: