Archive: Issue No. 87, November 2004

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Stephen Inggs

Stephen Inggs
Books, 2004
Gelatin silver emulsion print on paper, 120x107cm


Diane Victor

Diane Victor
Close Shave, 2004
Charcoal on paper


Michele Davidson

Michele Davidson
Pink Persuasion
Oil and wax on board



   [05.11.04] The 2004 Brett Kebble Art Awards
HIV/AIDS, the cult of Madiba and anti-Americanism emerged as three themes among the finalists on show at the Brett Kebble Art Awards exhibition, which attracted unprecedented crowds. Kim Gurney reviews.

   [05.11.04] The 2004 Brett Kebble Art Awards : New Media
The 2004 Brett Kebble Art Awards exhibition offers an interesting platform to view and ponder New Media. Charles Maggs reviews. 'Doring doilies' at the AVA by Evie Franzidis.

For the last two years ArtThrob has published a series of student reviews that are produced as part of a post-graduate course in art criticism. Enjoy the following recent reviews produced under this program.

   [05.11.04] 'Doring doilies' at the AVA
Evie Franzidis reviews 'Doring Doilies' at the AVA.

   [05.11.04] Languages that are not understood: power and meaning in composition
Joost Bosland reviews John Sampson's 'Blown Sand and Mental Fog' at the AVA.

   [05.11.04] Prejudging and misjudging
Joost Bosland reviews 'Prejuger South Africa', which showcases the work of three foreign artists who are completing residencies at the Greatmore Studios in Woodstock: Reem Hassan from Egypt, Karen F Sanders from the USA and Fulvio Bressan from Switzerland.

   [05.11.04] Walter Oltmann: avoiding the explicit
Colin Boyes reviews a group show featuring the three sculptors Samson Mudzunga, Kevin Brand and Walter Oltmann, at Michael Stevenson Contemporary.

   [05.11.04] Flipping the Old Townhouse
Colin Boyes revisits Andew Lamprecht's 'Flip' at the Old Town House.

   [05.11.04] Open mic for Rory Plamer
Joost Bosland investigates the 38 Special Gallery, an old warehouse across the street from the District Six Museum.


   [05.11.04] The universe in a grain of sand
Ten beautiful objects typecast in a South African historical sensibility can launch a million different feelings and interpretations. Robyn Sassen investigated Stephen Inggs' exhibition 'Residuum' at Art on Paper.

   [05.11.04] Body, image, sex - comfort zones for gals
During September and October, women from the Market Photography Workshop questioned the concept 'comfort'. Robyn Sassen found their answer often less than comfortable, but comforting in its critical edge, developed aesthetic and sense of ownership.

   [05.11.04] Colbert Mashile at Gallery on the Square
In a recent exhibition at Gallery on the Square, Colbert Mashile's versatile style was on view. This emerging artist is maturing and showing why he is someone to watch. By Kresta Tyler Johnson

   [05.11.04] The male in 'animal': Surprisingly tame
Prominent male artists (and one honorary male) were invited by Artspace to air their artistic voices regarding the glut of wins by women that we've recently seen on big SA platforms. Robyn Sassen steeled herself to see what might have been male aggression, bitterness or radicality, but was surprised by the unadulterated beauty.


   [05.11.04] S'fiso Ka Mkame at the African Art Centre
by Gabi Ngcobo

   [05.11.04] 'a city' by Dean Henning and Rike Sitas
by Michael Croeser with Gabi Ngcobo