Archive: Issue No. 85, September 2004

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What motivates curators and art buyers to purchase artworks? This simple question is the premise for Gallery Choice, a monthly feature that aims to reveal who (public museums/corporate collections/private galleries) is buying what (artist), and why.



Institution: Bell-Roberts Gallery
Artist: Matthew Hindley
Title: Always and forever, you and me
Media: Mixed media on canvas
Date: 2004

Bell-Roberts Gallery has decided that Matthew Hindley is our Gallery's Choice. Hindley is definitely one of the hottest emerging South African artistic talents and this is the reason why we have decided to purchase his work at this stage.

In an excerpt taken from an essay about Hindley's work by Tracy Murinik for the book 10 Years 100 Artists, Murinik says: 'His production... is represented by a gradually growing domain of two-dimensional drawings and paintings: their mood other-worldly, their subject matter often dark and alienated, as they inscribe sombre reflections on an apparently abandoned, traumatised universe. Informed by media reportage, individual experience and a developing personal iconography of metaphorical characters, these scenarios are rendered as encoded fictions or metaphors of trauma, couched in a 'pop' style. Central to both modes of production, though, is a focus on how individuals encounter and engage their environments: the ways in which they choose to act, believe, respond, or not 'knowingly or unknowingly'; through conscious decision-making or when caught randomly in unknown or unanticipated systems....'

(For more info about the book see

Matthew Hindley's exhibition 'Surrender' is currently showing at the Bell-Roberts Gallery and closes on Friday September 3.