Archive: Issue No. 85, September 2004

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'Flip' opens at the SANG


   [03.09.04] Min(d)efields
Trampling on potentially explosive ground?

   [03.09.04] MojaModern joins the ranks of burgeoning new art galleries in Jo'burg
A new gallery opens in Parktown North, but do they try to be too trendy for their own good?

   [03.09.04] Women to take charge of the Venice Biennale
Two women have been appointed as directors of the prestigious 2005 Venice Biennale International Art Exhibition.

   [03.09.04] It's worth negotiating the space
The new project at JAG, 'Negotiate', offers a refreshing perspective on 10 years of democracy, but also succumbs to a few pitfalls. This is the first of four exhibitions to be held monthly.

   [03.09.04] Handspring Puppets spring to life
The famous Handspring Puppet Company bring their latest collaborative project to the stage this September, opening in Cape Town.

   [03.09.04] Ten Years of Democracy - Is it providing film with a future?
The 'Awakening Film Festival' ran through August and culminated with a dialogue led by panel experts over the future of film in South Africa.

   [03.09.04] Mapping Cape Town
Cape Town will soon have its arts and culture hotspots mapped out on the Internet. Kim Gurney reports on a new initiative led by Robert Weinek.

   [03.09.04] Flip
Paintings from the historical Michaelis Collection have turned their backs on viewers. Kim Gurney reports on Iziko's latest exhibition with a twist.

   [03.09.04] Tollman Award for 2004
The Annual Tollman Award goes to Mustafa Maluka, recently back in South Africa after a long period abroad.