Archive: Issue No. 89, January 2005

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Paul Edmunds' roundup of 2004

Best Local Show

I would have to say the Brett Kebble Art Awards, as much for the mammoth undertaking it was as for what it promises to become in the future.

Other Highlights

Jessica Findley's Aeolian Ride which took place in Cape Town may not have been up there with the various Biennales and 10 years of democracy bunfights but it sure was a blast, containing equal measures of unbridled anarchy and infantile fun.

Biggest Disappointment

With the exception of 'Democracy X', most of the 10 years of democracy exhibitions and events were pretty uninspiring I felt.

Best Review

This year I took a step back from art criticism and I haven't paid as much attention to these sorts of goings on. At the same time I seem to have sub-edited or proofread a disproportionately large amount of reviews in Cape Town, so I don't reckon I can really give a qualified answer here.

Best Catalogue

I don't think I would state my preference of one over any other, but the short concise catalogues Michael Stevenson is producing to accompany many of his shows seem like very appropriate documents in many ways.

Best Art Book

It's a couple of years old now but I only got my hands on Rosie Millard's The Tastemakers: UK Art Now this year. It's a wonderfully broad and general survey which embraces the whole phenomenon while maintaining a wary distance. You can't ignore 10 Years 100 Artists either. Well done to Sophie Perryer and Bell-Roberts.

One to watch for 2003

I always go to pieces when someone asks me this, so I'll have to go with my first thought which is Nicola Grobler.

Quote of the year

I didn't hear it personally but I would love to have been there when the skinny, drunk Ed Young said 'Kak!' to Mr Fat in Belgium.