Archive: Issue No. 111, November 2006

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Lecture series at Iziko SANG

A series of lectures on 'The International Baroque - Italy and Flanders' by art critic Lloyd Pollak is being hosted at Iziko SANG during November. This will be followed by a lecture series on the baroque of Holland, Spain and France (Rembrandt, Velasquez and Poussin) during 2007, pending sufficient interest

On November 7, Pollak will speak about Caravaggio, 'a murderer and womaniser whose work paid homage to eroticism and violence' and whose enigmatic personality is said to have produced some of the world�s most sublimely moving altarpieces. On November 21, Pollak will turn to the sculptor Bernini, whose statues, fountains and piazzas transformed Rome. And on November 28, Pollak will speak about Rubens' masterpieces that glorified the royalty of Europe.

Entry for Friends of the SA National Gallery is R40 per lecture or R100 for the course. Entry for guests is R50 per lecture or R130 for all three.

Enquiries: Lizzie at Iziko on (021) 467 4662>