Archive: Issue No. 124, December 2007

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Svea Josephy

Svea Josephny
Lost City, Cape Town (Mitchell's Plein) 2007
Light Jet print
1000 x 1160mm


Suzanne Duncan

Suzanne Duncan
Stockings 2007


John Meyer

John Meyer
Truths and Awakenings 2007
mixed media on canvas
122 x 92cm


Kristen Hua Yang

Kristen Hua Yang
mixed media on paper
100 x 70cm



   [07.12.07] Marlene Dumas at Iziko Soth African National Gallery
Virginia MacKenny reviews 'Marlene Dumas: Intimate Relations' at Iziko SANG. The exhibition, almost exclusively devoted to the body, sexuality, violence and mortality, provides a rich and fascinating insight into one of the more demanding painters in contemporary art, she writes. She desribes Dumas as 'an iconoclast with a love of images and tradition, she is a painter who degrades paint beyond its capacity and she is a woman fascinated by the representation of the female body'.

   [02.12.07] Svea Josephy at Bell-Roberts
Bettina Malcomess reviews Svea Josephy's 'Twin Town' at Bell-Roberts. Josephy's photographic twinning of informal settlements, towns and cities with their namesakes in SA and Europe 'seeks less to expose differences than to bring them a little closer to home', writes Malcomess of this show, which she believes to be the most visually compelling show seen at the gallery so far this year.

   [02.12.07] Moshekwa Langa at Goodman Gallery Cape
Moshekwa Langa's 'The Inheritance of Loss' at Goodman Gallery Cape finds the artist once again exploring an identity-in-flux, and once more not being bound to any medium. Fabian Saptouw identifies and is fascinated by the open-endedness of Langa's approach, suggesting that '[a]s viewers we are presented with maps to a territory that we will never be able to access and explore'.


   [04.12.07] 'Rising', at 34 Long
Mammotsa Makhene reviews 'Rising', an interesting introduction to Contemporary Chinese art practice, at 34 Long.

   [02.12.07] 'Arcadia' at AVA
Michael Chandler reviews Sanell Agganebach and Kevin Brand's 'Arcadia' and Julius Mfethe's "recent Works' which showed simultaneously at the AVA in Cape Town.

   [02.12.07] 'Contusion' at the UCT Irma Stern Museum
Amy Miller reviews 'Contusion' by Natasha Norman, Suzanne Duncan and Dale Washkansky at the UCTIrma Stern Museum.

   [02.12.07] 'The Inchoate Idiosyncratic Descent into Nihilism' at the Michaelis Gallery
Jacqui Landey reviews the final installment of the Carrie Timlin and Lily Luz-curated 'The Inchoate Idiosyncratic Descent into Nihilism' at the Michaelis Gallery.

   [02.12.07] Clare Sarembock and Natasha Norman at Bell-Roberts
Mari MacFarlane reviews Clare Sarembock and Natasha Norman's joint exhibition at Bell-Roberts.

   [02.12.07] 'Cara Van Der Westhuizen at Bell-Roberts
Clare Butcher reviews Cara Van Der Westhuizen's 'Venus Revisited' at Bell-Roberts.


   [02.12.07] John Meyer at Everard Read Johannesburg
John Meyer's 'Truths Revealed' finds the artist settling into his oeuvre, following his dramatic change in direction from the landscapes for which he was well known. In his depictions of 'the industrial middle class', of 'bedrooms and boardrooms', his mastery of uneasy, existential undertone, staccato tensions and dramatic pause is flawless, but he is clearly more adept at depicting distance than intimacy.

   [02.12.07] William Kentridge at the Goodman Gallery
William Kentridge's 'What Will Come' at the Goodman reaffirms 'his importance for the local and global art scene'. Michael Smith reviews works from The Magic Flute, images and sculptures based on Dmitri Shostakovich's opera The Nose, and Kentridge's latest film What Will Come

   [02.12.07] Gerhard Marx at Warren Siebrits Modern and Contemporary Art
Gerhard Marx's 'Photo-' at Warren Siebrits Modern and Contemporary is 'an intelligent and lyrical essay on mortality', writes Cara Snyman. In this young artist's second solo show at the venue he has created composites from starmaps and assembled images from fine plant roots which he prints onto acetate. He then exposes this onto photographic paper producing a series of striking contact prints.


   [02.12.07] Vulindlela Nyoni and Kristen Hua Yang at ArtSPACE Durban
Vulindlela Nyoni and Kristen Hua Yang both share an interest in drawing and, for this exhibition, have both produced figurative works on similar formats. This, says Carol Brown of their joint exhibition at ArtSPACE Durban, is where the similarity ends.