Archive: Issue No. 117, May 2007

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06.05.07 'Lift Off Part II' at Goodman Gallery Cape
06.05.07 Charles Atlas and Bruce Nauman at Michaelis Galleries
06.05.07 'Conrad Botes and Claudette Schreuders at Michael Stevenson
06.05.07 Alan Alborough at João Ferreira Gallery
06.05.07 Tanya Poole at Bell-Roberts
06.05.07 Nomthunzi Mashalaba at blank projects
06.05.07 Liza Grobler at AVA
06.05.07 Ken Botnick presents Michaelis Lunchtime Lecture
06.05.07 Charles Maggs at Salt Project Room
06.05.07 Andrew Putter at the Bowling Club
06.05.07 Garth Doyle at CUBE
06.05.07 'Weerspeel' at artb.
06.05.07 'Paper and Me' at AVA
06.05.07 Ali Aschman at what if the world...
06.05.07 Cyprian Mpho Shilakoe at Iziko SANG
06.05.07 'Art from Rorke's Drift' at Iziko SANG
06.05.07 Kurt Campbell at Worldart
06.05.07 Vuyile Voyiya, Dustin Kramer, Sonja Rademeyer and Aliaa El-Gready at AVA
06.05.07 'Love, Bytes & Soccer' at the Photographers Gallery
06.05.07 Hermann Niebuhr at Frewin
06.05.07 Jane Rosinski at Alliance Française Gallery
06.05.07 'Figures in a landscape' at Gallery at Grande Provence

01.04.07 'Unfettered' at Frewin

04.03.07 'The Brown Europe Pageant / Round One' at Bell-Roberts
04.03.07 Sasha Hartslief at Everard Read
04.03.07 'Fabrications' at Iziko SANG


Lisa Brice

Lisa Brice
Shadows falling, baby we stand alone 2007
emulsion, gesso, ink and bleach on canvas
91 x 61cm

Lisa Brice

Mikhael Subotzky
The Mallies Family, Rustdene Township, Beaufort West 2006
light jet print on Fuji Crystal archive paper

Nontsikelelo (Lolo) Veleko

Nontsikelelo (Lolo) Veleko
Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder: Thabo II 2003/2006
pigment inks on cotton paper
20 x 30cm

'Lift Off Part II' at Goodman Gallery Cape

The second installment of Goodman Gallery Cape's launch exhibition 'Lift Off Part II' features an exciting line-up of the Goodman stable with Lisa Brice, Lolo Veleko, Deborah Bell, Mikhael Subotsky, Frances Goodman, Tracey Rose, Moshekwa Langa, Brett Murray, Jeremy Wafer, Clive van den Berg and veteran artist Cecil Skotnes.

Language is used to engage critically with social and political issues in Murray's witty and satirical texts, whilst Goodman's beaded objects become barbed comments on social interaction and relationships.Wafer's video work Hive, which scooped the 2006 Sasol Wax Art Award, deals primarily with location and memory. Documentary traditions are upended by young photographers Subotzky and Veleko. Subotzky exhibits poignant photographs investigating life in Beaufort West while Veleko's sassy photo essays celebrate a resilient urban youth culture.

Personal memory, tenderness and intimacy are the focus of van der Berg's reflections on the vulnerability of the human body and ways in which to memorialize acts of love. Netherlands-based Langa examines the self and relationships with others through portraits and text whereas Brice explores the ways in which fugitive images of teenage embraces flicker through memory, captured in film and evoked in song.

Rose's projection The Wailers creates a surreal arena for the exploration of wide-ranging religious beliefs from Rastafarianism to Judaism. Bell's meditations on life are infused with mythical traditions and contemporary experiences of Africa invigorating her bronze sculptures and mixed media drawing. Added to this collection are new works by Skotnes who applies the incisive approach of his well-known woodblock carvings and prints to painting archetypal South African landscapes.

Opens: May 5
Closes: May 25


Exhibition invitation

Charles Atlas and Bruce Nauman at Michaelis Galleries

Following on where they left off with the Brian Eno show earlier in the year, Michaelis Galleries present another high profile international show, this time a show of 'quintessential works' by Charles Atlas and Bruce Nauman. Atlas will be represented by TEACH Leigh (1992 - 1999) and Nauman by 1985's Good Boy Bad Boy.

Atlas is an award-winning filmmaker, video artist, and pioneer of 'media-dance', has created work for film, theatre, television and such prestigious museums as the Whitney, NY and the Musée d'Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris. He is best known for his acclaimed collaborations with choreographers, dancers and performers such as Michael Clark, Leigh Bowery, Diamanda Galas and John Kelly.

Nauman's pluralistic practice spans a broad range of media including sculpture, photography, neon, video, drawing and performance. He is widely acknowledged as one of the most important living artists. Much of his work is characterised by an interest in language which often manifests itself in a playful, mischievous manner. There are however, very serious concerns at the heart of the work. Nauman seems to be interested in the nature of communication and the inherent problems of language, as well as the role of the artist as supposed communicator and manipulator of visual language.

Opens: 6pm, May 8
Closes: May 18

Conrad Botes

Conrad Botes
Satan's Choir at the Gates of Heaven (detail) 2007
enamel paint on carved jetulong
64 x 35.2 x 17.5cm

Claudette Schreuders

Claudette Schreuders
The Neighbour 2007
38 x 28.5cm

Conrad Botes and Claudette Schreuders at Michael Stevenson

Conrad Botes presents new work for this show: large scale pieces in diverse media - including an installation of carved and painted sculptures titled Satan's Choir at the Gates of Heaven. As a white male Afrikaner who came of age in the late 70s and 80s, Botes' imagination is embedded with the evils of apartheid, its obsession with power and repression, the violence and anarchy of the times and the moralising role of the Dutch Reformed Church. However his latest work is less overtly concerned with politics instead opening itself up to wider concerns. A sense of masculine identity in crisis runs throughout the show, as does Botes' distinctive comic aesthetic and dark humour.

In contrast to Botes' dramatic cynicism, Claudette Schreuders presents 10 lithographs in her iconic style. The artist describes 'The Long Day' series as being 'like a diary of a personal life' - the images are highly personal interrogations of Schreuders' environment. Characters such as Officer Molefe, The Neighbour and The Quiet Brother make their début in South Africa.

This series is based on a series of sculptures of the same name recently exhibited in New York and it continues the formal and conceptual concerns of the artist's 'Burnt by the Sun' series shown at Michael Stevenson in 2005.

Opens: May 3
Closes: June 2


Alan Alborough at João Ferreira

Alan Alborough holds steadfastly onto his enigmatic reputation and continues to puzzle art aficionados, most recently by refusing to release either title or image from his upcoming solo show at João Ferreira. We can only speculate that this latest offering will continue Alborough's obsessive interrogation and transformation of everyday materials.

Opens: May 2
Closes: June 2

Tanya Poole

Tanya Poole
Drift (detail) 2006
oil paint and stop frame animation

Tanya Poole at Bell-Roberts

Tanya Poole, who shot to prominence by sharing the prize for the Brett Kebble Art Award in 2004, continues to re-evaluate the relevance of painting in contemporary art with a new series entitled 'Drift'. These paintings seek to subvert painting's inherent static qualities but in so doing question the validity of the institution of portrait painting. Poole asks the question: 'Is it possible to capture the essence of a subject in one single pose?' Her paintings may appear conventional - embracing naturalistic techniques - but the animated element of her artworks allows her version of portrait painting to be elevated to conceptual narrative painting.

Opens: May 2
Closes: May 26

Homthunzi Mashalaba

Nomthunzi Mashalaba
SQUARE the 2 2007
mixed media
dimensions variable

Nomthunzi Mashalaba at blank projects

A recent graduate from the Tshwane University of Technology, Mashalaba was an artist-in-residence at Greatmore Studios (January - March 2007) and is currently still residing in Cape Town. Mashalaba explores aspects of ethnicity and identity by referencing culturally loaded images and materials.

The work on display includes SQUARE the 2 which plays with scientific knowledges and can be viewed as a dance game, playing with the root of a given problem.

Liza Grobler

Liza Grobler
Afro Dick 2007

Liza Grobler at AVA

Liza Grobler's quirky sense of humour is ever-present in her latest show composed of ten drawings appropriately titled '9 Chicks and a Dick'. Grobler's drawings take their inspiration from the battle waged by nine ambiguous creatures - both monster girls and modern day beauties simultaneously - against the 'indigenous enemy'. Grobler's rendition of the battle of the sexes is marvellously offbeat.

After completing her Master's Degree at Stellenbosch, Grobler has made her name with work that questions the divide between art and craft, consistently tapping into the ambivalence engendered by the kitsch and the tacky.

Opens: May 28
Closes: June 15


Ken Botnick presents Michaelis Lunchtime Lecture

Ken Botnick is an Associate Professor at Washington University School of Art, and director of the Nancy Spirtas Kranzberg Book Studio. He has run the private press for 25 years publishing limited editions of hand printed and bound books by contemporary authors (mainly American, but also some in translation including Octavio Paz among others), with art by diverse artists including Larry Rivers and Isamu Noguchi. He has been teaching courses in 'the photographic book' as well as some which hint at the idea of the book as sculpture.

Botnick's talk will focus on 'the book as object and verb' and the many approaches to book-making in the United States today. He will discuss his experience in publishing, both limited edition and university press books, and the structure of the programme at Washington University. The programme incorporates the craft of the book into the mainstream design curriculum, and includes printmakers, painters and sculptors. Botnick has taught in India for the last three years, including 6 months last year on Fulbright Fellowship at the National Institute of Design in Ahmedabad.

1 - 2pm, Monday May 14

Charles Maggs

Charles Maggs
Invitation image for Prelude to Bitterness

Charles Maggs at Salt Project Room

Charles Maggs' 'Prelude to Bitterness' comprises new video and print works. In the work Maggs explores distortions thrown up by the convenience society in which we all operate. Much as a disease manifests itself in a series of sometimes unrelated symptoms, the distortions that trigger the work manifest themselves in a series of states such as dislocation, detachment from time and space, logic interruptions and unexplained paranoia.

Maggs obtained a BAFA from UNP in 1992 and recently graduated from Michaelis with an MFA in New Media (with distinction). In addition to his artistic practice, he has worked as a graphic designer and is currently a senior lecturer at AAA School of Advertising. He recently showcased his Master's work 'Cirque du Pan' at the AVA. Maggs lives and works in Cape Town. Opens: May 10
Closes: June 9

Andre Putter

Andrew Putter
20 smells

Andrew Putter at the Bowling Club

'20 smells' is a once-off event put together by conceptual artist Andrew Putter. Organised like a wine-tasting, guests organised in pairs will sample some of the rare, unusual and hard-to-get smells that form the basis of any introduction to the world of the nose. Putter, who has taken a year to do the research for this project, uses 20 carefully chosen scented materials to illustrate some interesting aspect of the world of the nose - its beauty, its strangeness and its ugliness.

The smells include indole - a strangely attractive chemical found in white flowers like jasmine but also produced by decaying flesh - and hexenol with its archetypal green smell which is used to add freshness to the scent of many home products.

Open: 10.45am, May 12

Garth Doyle

Garth Doyle
Objects 01 2007

Garth Doyle at CUBE

This is the first solo exhibition by architect Garth Doyle who has been exploring the medium of sculpture. 'Syncopations', comprising 23 pieces ranging from maquettes for monumental urban works through to sculptures and 'avant garde objects', may be seen as a percolation of two decades of protean activity within the fields of architecture and design.

Doyle draws on a metaphor of jazz - music without a score - to explain his process-driven objects. An interesting contrast emerges between this improvisational method and the objects' industrial finishes rendered in aluminium, bronze and acrylic.

Opens: May 5
Closes: May 30

Hermann Niebuhr

Christo Basson
charcoal drawing

'Weerspeel' at artb.

Up-and-coming young artists Christo Basson, Corlie de Kock, Alex Emslie and Lenie Harley feature in 'Weerspeel'. The group, mostly Stellenbosch graduates, examine a paradigm shift necessitated by growing up in a changing ideological environment. Basson's intense charcoal drawings consider the blurring of absolute judgements into a more inclusive paradigm of 'both/and'.

Opens: May 9
Closes: June 6


'Paper and Me' at AVA

'Paper and Me' features a number of artists working with or on paper. Rather than a formally curated show, the exhibition is a loose collaborative effort. The title indicates the immediacy as well as the playful elements evident in the processes of the artists who each approach the medium differently, exploiting both its sculptural potential and its more conventional two-dimensionality. Represented artists include Lynette Bester, Marna Hattingh, Joanne Halse, Jeanne Hoffman, Hannah Morris, Michael Taylor and Adrienne van Eeden.

Opens: May 28
Closes: June 15

Ali Aschman

Ali Aschman
Farewell and Goodnight

Ali Aschman at what if the world...

Ali Aschman, who impressed viewers at last year's Michaelis Graduate Show, presents 'The Moonlight Wisteria', a show loosely converging around the theme of sleep. The show features etchings, dioramas, paintings and wooden sculptures which oscillate between the world of dreams and that of nightmares in the macabre style for which Aschman is quickly becoming known.

Opens: May 9
Closes: June 2

Cyprian Mpho Shilakoe

Cyprian Mpho Shilakoe

Cyprian Mpho Shilakoe

Cyprian Mpho Shilakoe
Inspirations from Catherine 1971-
etching, aquatint

Cyprian Mpho Shilakoe at Iziko SANG

'Cyprian Mpho Shilakoe Revisited' is curated by Jill Addleson, formerly of the Durban Art Gallery and the exhibition includes works on loan from private and public collections in South Africa.

Born in 1946, Shilakoe studied at Rorke's Drift in KwaZulu Natal. As the chief training ground for many exceptional artists, Rorke's Drift provided a platform for black artists at a time when apartheid denied them formal education in fine art.

Shilakoe, who died tragically in a car accident in 1972, concentrated on etching rather than the more popular linocut. However, in 2005, an invaluable discovery was made when one of Shilakoe's sisters revealed that a number of his works were stored at the family's home - closed for over 20 years - in Dennilton, near Bronkhorstspruit. Addleson and Philippa Hobbs, Curator of the MTN Art Foundation, subsequently discovered eight never-before-seen early works, including two extremely rare clay sculptures by Shilakoe.

The exhibition provides the opportunity of seeing these works for the first time, together with prints, sculptures and paintings.

Opens: May 15
Closes: June 24

John Muafangejo

John Muafangejo
The Pregnant Maria

Art from Rorke's Drift at Iziko SANG

Curator Joe Dolby presents an important collection of art from Rorke's Drift. A seminal fine arts training centre for black artists during the apartheid era, Rorke's Drift in KwaZulu Natal afforded oppportunities for those denied art training in South Africa. Established in 1968, the school was initially managed by two Swedish art teachers, Peder and Ulla Gowenius.

The show also demonstrates the collecting policy of the National Gallery. The first prints and tapestries from Rorke's Drift in the collection of the Iziko South African National Gallery were acquired in the mid-1960s. Most of the artists represented were confined to well-known names such as Azaria Mbatha and John Muafangejo. In 2006, funding provided by the National Lottery Board enabled the gallery to significantly augment their holdings and to assemble a more representative selection detailing the diverse range of artistic production of the school.

Opens: May 16
Closes: June 24

Kurt Campbell

Kurt Campbell
Vessel Headrest

Kurt Campbell at Worldart

Combining visionary, conceptual and craft approaches, Kurt Campbell creates sculptures and prints that explore the uneasy relationship between coloniser and colonised. In 'Fever-Sleep' he inserts 'colonial materials' like bullets, nails and coins into traditional African headrests to create bristling, visceral works that disrupt these objects' traditional use. These headrests are unique in that they do not offer the usual smooth, inviting surface on which to rest the head - quite the opposite: headrests which offer the user an uncomfortable slumber, a 'fever sleep'.

Opens: May 2
Closes: May 14

Vuyile Voyiya

Vuyile Voyisa
Blissful swing 2007

Vuyile Voyiya, Dustin Kramer, Sonja Rademeyer and Aliaa El-Gready at the AVA

The AVA presents a diverse range of work in their latest show. Downstairs a solo exhibition from Vuyile Voyiya dominates. Voyiya returns to the AVA, where he has held a number of solo exhibitions, with a selection of recent graphic works. Voyiya is a master of the linocut, using this medium to engage with the heritage of workshop-based black artists. The exhibition, entitled 'Resonance', explores formalist aspects of movement and the figure in space.

In the artstrip above, Dustin Kramer shows 'Blindfolds and Disbelief', a recent body of oil paintings that interrogates the dichotomy of his current South African condition. Vertical and horizontal scaffolding combines with the overlapping of images to form a series of thoughts and processes that pull the paintings into a landscape between the socio-political and the internal.

In the small video room, Sonja Radmeyer and Aliaa El-Gready (Egypt) present 'Babble' a collaborative piece that seeks to explore the dialogical aesthetics between two diverse cultures through the medium of video.

Opens: May 7
Closes: May 25

Pierre Croquet

Pierre Croquet
Morning coffee 2006

'Love, Bytes & Soccer' at the Photographers Gallery

'Love, bytes & soccer' is a show of the portfolios of photographers Pierre Crocquet, Dale Yudelman and Pieter Badenhorst. Elements of Yudelman's successful Reality Bytes series will be juxtaposed with Crocquet's existential Love First. The latter uses the photographic lens to transcend nationality, race, religion and gender. Badenhorst will display the second installation of his ongoing Soccer vs. Rugby series .

All these photographers are enjoying international success with Dale Yudelman and Pieter Badenhorst being included in the exhibition 'Uniform: South Africa's New Clothes' opening at the Spanierman Gallery in New York on 3 May, and Pierre Crocquet's photographs are included in an exhibition at Galerie Caprice Horn in Berlin opening on 28 April.

Opens: May 16
Closes: July 21

Hermann Niebuhr

Hermann Niebuhr


Hermann Niebuhr at Frewin

Hermann Niebuhr adopts a light-hearted approach to art-making with this exhibition, eschewing the great moral imperatives of existential, multi-media art hype. Niebuhr produces 30 new paintings - to be sold at affordable prices - that all share a quirky, painterly and importantly off-beat quality.

Niebuhr has participated in numerous exhibitions both locally and abroad, and is represented by a number of corporate collections, including Absa Bank, Webber Wentzel Bowens and Sasol (Milan).

Opens: May 10
Closes: May 30

Jane Rosinski

Jane Rosinski


Jane Rosinski at Alliance Française Gallery

Jane Rosinski, who divides her time between Cape Town and France, works with cardboard to create a 'Gallery of Portraits' – a set of intriguing cardboard collages that give rise to character-filled illustrations.

Opens: May 3
Closes: May 16

Guy du Toit and Johann du Plessis

Guy du Toit and Johann du Plessis
installation view of exhibition


'Figures in a landscape' at Gallery at Grande Provence

Guy du Toit and Johann du Plessis present 'Figures in a landscape'. The exhibition juxtaposes du Plessis' paintings with du Toit's sculptural studies. The exhibition is curated by Ilse Schermers Griesel, who previously ran Stellenbosch's Dorp Street Gallery.

Opens: May 6
Closes: June 13

Hermann Niebuhr

Hermann Niebuhr
Nasty Cat

'Unfettered' at Frewin

Turning the tables on the art gallery, Frewin, a quirky interior design shop, has opened its doors to a group of artists, including Andries Botha, Hermann Niebuhr, Tito Zungu, Medina Morphet and Harry Kentrotas. The series of exhibitions will kick-start with a group show, and each artist is later to be given a solo exhibition.

This will be the first time in over a decade that Andries Botha has a show in a commercial space in South Africa. In keeping with this rebellion against the white cube gallery, the paintings are to be hung in an eclectic salon style and the sculptures will interact with the mostly used furnishings already in the shop.

Opens: April 19
Closes: May 9


'The Brown Europe Pageant / Round One' at Bell-Roberts

'The Brown Europe Pageant' comprises stylised video profiles, with accompanying photographs and design prints,that examine identity in terms of the constant creolisation of culture. Featuring women of colour from across Europe it looks towards the 'Age of the Flipside', a new future that transcends current black-white, coloniser-colonised binary divisions.

Opens: April 14
Closes: May 9


Sasha Hartslief at Everard Read

In 'Windows' Sasha Hartslief observes and investigates the underbelly of Cape Town's urban life. Her broad brushstrokes and rich palette render people and places suspended in moments of introspection.

Opens: April 26
Closes: May 10

Ulrich Apt the Elder

Ulrich Apt the Elder
The Crucifixion 16th century

'Fabrications' at Iziko SANG

'Fabrications', an ongoing exhibition drawing on the gallery's permanent collection, examines the ways in which artists have creatively used, painted or sculpted approximations of fabric and costume in their work, revealing surprising insights into social history as well as the artistic process.