From: Mark Frankel

Subject: Potential studio space in Salt River, Cape Town

We are currently managing Bromwell Mews, an old flour mill in Lower Main Road, Salt River. The building is a national monument and has loads of character, wooden floors, high ceilings etc. There is currently a vacancy on the top floor of one of the blocks which has stunning views of the mountain and windows all the way round which makes for great natural lighting. I thought it would make a great studio space for artists, especially as it close to Observatory. Ideally we would be looking for somebody to take a headlease and manage the space.

The premises are approximately 215m² and the rent would be R10/m².

If anybody is interested could they please mail me at or phone me at (021) 762-7080.


From: ""

Subject: New home for Grahamstown artists

The Grahamstown Arts Studio is opening on 23rd March 1998. The Gallery is situated at 1 Portbury Road, Somerset Heights, a house designed and built for Andre Brink in the early 80s, and will provide a space for local artists to exhibit and sell their work. Exhibiting artists include Dominic Thorburn, winner of the Volkskas Atelier award in 1993, and sculptor Maureen Quin.

Any further information can be obtained from Carol Garbutt at (046) 622-3712.

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