From: Chris Roper, "textworks"

Subject: appreciation

What a superb web site. No gimmicks, just beauty. Perhaps all web designers should be forced to be artists - or the other way around (no, that wouldn't work).


From: Tom Mulcaire

Subject: check your facts

Gabriel Orozco is NOT a Hugo Boss finalist so I suggest you correct your information!

- ArtThrob regrets the error. The $50,000 Hugo Boss Award is given every two years in recognition of an artist's entire body of work that represents 'either a major achievement or a significant development in contemporary art'. Artists are chosen by an international jury, and this year the short list includes several installation and performance artists and is noticeably balanced between men and women, with several nationalities and different stages of careers represented. The list is: Douglas Gordon, 1996 winner of the Turner award; Lorna Simpson, the American photographer and film-maker who presented her video Call Waiting in the Cape Town Castle at the 2nd Johannesburg Biennale last year; Chinese artist Huang Yong Ping, South African William Kentridge, cited for his videos on Documenta X; Lee Bul, a South Korean installation and performance artist, and Pipilotti Rist, a Swiss video artist.

An exhibition of works by these artists will be on view at the Soho Guggenheim in New York from June 24 and the winner will be announced in July.


From: Charles Shields, "The Everard Read Gallery"

Subject: thanks

Great editorial, great links!

Thank you!


From: Carrie Hilliker

Subject: book info

I travelled to South Africa about a year and a half ago on an art tour, and am interested in purchasing your book, 'Art in South Africa: The Future Present'. The big bookstores here in the States do not seem to carry it; do you know where I can purchase your book in this country?

Thanks for your help.

- Regrettably, in spite of much interest in the book, so far no US publisher has been willing to distribute it. 'Art in South Africa: the Future Present' can, however, be ordered directly from the South African publishers, David Philip Publishers. E-mail their sales department at for all info


From: Lorna

Subject: great site

Check out this great web site - Montreal Museum of Contemp Art




Subject: "older" arts

I would like some information on the "older" arts of South Africa and the Eastern coast. I was wondering if you had any links to sites they would be much appreciated.

- Try the South African National Gallery link at - any other suggestions, anybody?


From: Michele Hornby

Subject: cross link

I loved your magazine. I was hoping you might have a moment to take a look at We are a non-profit Internet visual arts site over here in Canada and now represent over 600 Canadian visual artists. We are just starting our magazine - Artifice - which resides on the site. It is my hope that you will post us as a link on your site and perhaps we can develop an interesting 'beyond our borders' exchange of writers.

- See websites


From: Francisco Cordoba

Subject: New art web page

I would like to mention to you my new art web page - I thank you for your kind attention. For many years I was active with the Italian National Association for a free multi-ethnic society in your country. Actually, one of the paintings I exhibited at the Biennale of Venice in 1990 was called In South Africa.

I believe that the fact that we can now communicate in a freer way is a real strong step towards democracy and people's understanding.


From: "Information Technology"

Subject: new internet exhibition

The South African National Gallery invites you to view the following latest Internet exhibition: 'Triumphal Arch and Beyond' - an educational exhibition on drawings and drawing:

If you know of anyone else who you think would like to receive Internet invites, updates, etc ... please let us know:


From: Tayrod

Subject: postgrad art inquiry

I am an American artist and social worker living in San Francisco, looking to do postgraduate work in studio art (I work in painting, sculpture and installation). I've lived, worked and travelled a good deal in Southern Africa (and also worked closely with South African artist Paul Stopforth as an undergrad in Boston). I want to see if I can't find a spot in South Africa, but I don't know where to look. Maybe someone on your end can give me some leads.

Which Universities have good fine arts/studio arts departments? Where is the cutting edge work being done? Which cities are the most lively in terms of working artists?

Please get back to me if possible. My address and phone are: Kevin McCauley, 2650 Union Street, Oakland, CA 94607 USA; (510) 835-5860; or I can get messages through the above e-mail address.

Thanks! Peace! Kevin


From: Jean Beaudoin

Subject: information network invitation to join...

Bonjour Sue,

I'm contacting you from Canada as the moderator of the International Competition Information Network.

This network aims to link interesting architecture (a visual art) web sites in every country and to use Competition Information sharing as the basis for a "partnership".

If you visit our partner (partenaire in French) section on, you will see that we have gathered the leading architecture sites ... but we are still missing a South African site!

Would ArtThrob be interested to join us?

The partnership is based only on information sharing and promoting of each other site through the posting of an "information partner" page or section. Also, you will be requested to send information of international interest, especially competition announcements like the Constitutional Court for example, by sending an e-mail to me,, that I would then send to all others stating ArtThrob as the source.

It has proven to be a great tool to promote each other's cultural distinctions ... and I'm sure your rich South African cultural content would benefit too!

Let me know your views! If you think your site does not relate to architecture - I think it does! - would you refer me to an architecture site in Africa?

- Are there any South African architectural sites out there that would like to take up this partnership? ArtThrob is a column that relates specifically to contemporary visual art. If you reply to Jean Beaudoin, please also send a copy of the e-mail to ArtThrob, so we will know if a partnership has been made.


From: Sue Lipschitz, Cape Town

Subject: artsafari

We are now ready to roll!

Please look at updated (but still under construction) web site:



Subject: universes newsletter 2/23/98

Since launching Universes in Universe a year ago, we have been able to continuously expand our information and communication system on the arts of Africa, Asia/Pacific and the Americas. It now encompasses ca. 1,200 HTML-files. We would like to keep you informed about news and updates in the various sections of our site.

During the next several months, we will be updating and extending the annotated art directories of the countries and regions we cover. After our Documenta X Special, this year we plan to spotlight the Sao Paulo Biennale which takes place from 4 October - 13 December. Our Forum on Contemporary Art Processes will start during the second half of the year.


Art Action - numerous entries:
calls for submission, institutions for cultural exchange, project-pool etc.

Art Nexus, Nr. 27/98 - Latin American art magazine. Complete texts with images (English, Spanish)
- Reinaldo Laddaga: Tunga - Exhibition at Bard College, New York.
- Luis Camnitzer: on the context of the 1st Biennial of the Mercosur, Porto Alegre
- Alicia Haber: Review of the 1st Biennial of the Mercosur

The John Muafangejo Art Centre, Windhoek/Namibia

Updated and extended directories:

Latin America/Caribbean
The Philippines

...ZA@PLAY   MWeb

Email us

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