Archive: Issue No. 34, June 2000

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Brett Murray's public sculpture 'Africa' unveiled in St. George's Mall, Cape Town
Photograph courtesy of The Argus

pm inc.

pm inc. Wraps
Download a quicktime clip from the event (3.2MB)
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Butcher Girls

The SANG's most famous piece, the Butcher Boys, provokes a performance on 'Softserve'

Case Studies

Veronique Malherbe's 'Case Studies', at the Granary during Cape Town's One City Festival

Brett Murray

Prettying up for 'Boogie Lights'
Wall lights on Brett Murray's studio floor in preparation for the big night
See ArtThrob No 24

Jane Alexander

Studio shot of a "Bom Boy" by Jane Alexander
On show at the Irma Stern Museum
See ArtThrob No 18

  • Issue No. 33, May 2000
    Dak/Art 2000 Diary; Brett Murray's public sculpture unveiled; SoftServe II; Robert Hodgins at the Goodman: Artbio: Bernie Searle

  • Issue No. 32, April 2000
    Karoo Art Festival Reportback; Rotterdam Foto Biennale; Special Book Review Section: Artbio: Andries Botha

  • Issue No. 31, March 2000
    South African Art in the Nineties: Conclusion; Vita 2000 nominees, Exchange: Overseas opportunities for artists; Artbio: Hentie van der Merwe.

  • Issue No. 30, February 2000
    Final issue of South African Art in the Nineties; Arlene Amaler-Raviv & Dale Yudelman show at the AVA; pminc. wraps; 'Emergence' curators interviewed; Artbio: Senzeni Marasela

  • Issue No. 29, January 2000
    Review of South African Art in the Nineties; One Night Stand at Joao Ferriera; Artbio: Dorothee Kreutzfeldt

  • Issue No. 28, December 1999
    Artery reviewed; Report back on South meets West in Ghana; Carnegie International reviewed; Artbio: Linda Givon

  • Issue No. 27, November 1999
    Softserve at the SANG; William Kentridge wins Carnegie International; Alan Alborough wins Standard Bank Young Artist Award; Artbio: Robin Rhode.

  • Issue No. 26, October 1999
    Biennale Questionaire; Kentridge opens at the Goodman; Artbio: Karel Nel.

  • Issue No. 25, September 1999
    Special Biennale discussion; Cape Town Month of Photography; 'Liberated Voices' opens in New York; Artbio: Penny Siopis.

  • Issue No. 24, August 1999
    Kay Hassan wins new Daimler-Chrysler Art Award; Smithsonian show reviewed; Artbio: Wille Bester

  • Issue No. 23, July 1999
    Grahamstown Festival roundup; report on the Venice Biennale; Jane Alexander in Artbio

  • Issue No. 22, June 1999
    Veronique Malherbe; '[Rewind] Fast Forward.ZA' in Holland; David Koloane; Margaret Vorster

  • Issue No. 21, May 1999
    William Kentridge in Artbio; Ezrom Legae remembered; 'New Worlds' in London; Grey Areas reviewed

  • Issue No. 20, April 1999
    Video fest 'Channel'; Klein Karoo festival; Zwelethu Mthethwa in Artbio; 'Trafique' in Belgium

  • Issue No. 19, March 1999
    Jo Ractliffe in Artbio; video by Konrad Welz; Vita nominees; Cape Town Art Night; Klein Karoo festival

  • Issue No. 18, February 1999
    Moshekwa Langa in Artbio; Lisa Brice catalogue launch; Cairo Biennale; Bonn show; 'Dreams and Clouds' in Gothenburg

  • Issue No. 17, January 1999
    'eye Africa'; artbio: Lisa Brice; New series: The Professional Artist: Introduction

  • Issue No. 16, December 1998
    African photography; artbio: Stephen Hobbs; Willie Saayman screensavers; Vita nominations online

  • Issue No. 15, November 1998
    Okwui Enwezor named Documenta director; artbio: Clive van den Berg; Minnette Vári video; Stockholm Journal

  • Issue No. 14, October 1998
    Candice Breitz; São Paulo Bienal; 2nd Johannesburg Biennale, one year on; 'Dreams and Clouds'

  • Issue No. 13, September 1998
    Funding crisis at the SANG; Brett Murray in artbio; São Paulo Bienal

  • Issue No. 12, August 1998
    The FNB Vita awards; artbio: Randolph Hartzenberg; Robert Weinek on video art in South Africa; Abandon Your Culture project

  • Issue No. 11, July 1998
    Grahamstown Festival; artbio: Mustafa Maluka; Happy birthday Madiba; !Xoe site-specific project

  • Issue No. 10, June 1998
    Dakar Biennale; artbio: Kevin Brand; Mark Coetzee on censorship; Tracy Murinik on 'Memorias Intimas Marcas'

  • Issue No. 9, May 1998
    Steven Cohen; 'Memorias Intimas Marcas'; 'Transpositions'; Brian Eno

  • Issue No. 8, April 1998
    Idasa Gallery opens; Houston Fotofest; artbio: Tracy Payne

  • Issue No. 7, February/March 1998
    Claudette Schreuders; Arlene Amaler-Raviv; artbio: Minnette Vári

  • Issue No. 6, January 1998
    Isolde Krams; 'Cyst'; Passages from India; Biennale: 'Life's Little Necessities'

  • Issue No. 5, December 1997
    'Taking Stock'; Biennale: 'Important and Exportant',' Graft'

  • Issue No. 4, November 1997
    Biennale: 'Alternating Currents', 'Transversions', 'Hong Kong, Etc'; Vita Awards Show.

  • Issue No. 3, October 1997
    District Six Sculpture Festival; 'Thirty Minutes'; Biennale Preview, Brett Murray

  • Issue No. 2, September 1997
    Focus on art books; 'Memorias, Intimas, Marcas'; Peet Pienaar; Joachim Sch´┐Żnfeldt

  • Issue No. 1, August 1997
    Bridget Baker, Andrew Putter

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