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19.06.00 Applications for the Florence Biennale 2001

South Africa was not one of the 32 countries represented at the Florence Biennale in 1999. With moves afoot to improve SA presence at Venice, applications are also being sought from South African practitioners who would like to be considered for participation for the Florence event. Further information can be obtained from the following website:

19.06.00 FNB Vita Art Prize 2001 nominees

With the FNB Vita Art Prize 2000 just hotting up, the FNB team are already looking for nominees for next year. It's the perfect time to start thinking about it, while the shows are out there for the looking and fresh in the mind. Any South African artists who exhibit work between January and December 2000, either on a group show or as a solo exhibition (both locally and abroad) are eligible for consideration. Selected artists will be commissioned to produce a new work for the Sandton Civic Gallery space and stand in line to win the overall prize of R35,000. Nomination forms can be found at participating galleries in Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban. Simply fill out the form and send it to FNB Vita Awards (postage paid). For further information or to receive a nomination form, call (011) 442 8435 or visit

19.06.00 Tour Guides of the Inner City

TGIC, a major multimedia urban and WWW undertaking curated by king of Jo'burg Stephen Hobbs, will be running from mid-July through to August, co-opting various sites around the city and surprising pedestrians and shoppers with all manner of artistic intervention, centred around the inner city of Johannesburg. The project runs in conjunction with the Market Theatre Galleries and Urban Futures 2000, an international conference initiated by the University of the Witwatersrand.

As a 'preview' to total urban onslaught, the Market Theatre Galleries invites anyone who lives in Gauteng to inscribe anecdotal accounts of inner-city experiences on the gallery walls. This is legitimated graffiti, and an opportunity not to be missed. While negative perceptions of the city abound, it is the aim of the project to transcend these views. The gallery will be open Monday to Friday from 10.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m. for potential poets and serious story tellers. Stories should not exceed 500 words in length. If you cannot make it to the gallery, stories can be faxed to Stephen Hobbs at (011) 492-1235 or emailed to

19.06.00 PPC Cement Young Concrete Sculptor Awards

The 9th annual PPC Cement Young Concrete Sculptor Awards 2000 competition is taking place at the beginning of October. This year's prize money totals R20 000. R10 000 for the first prize winner, with R6 000 and R4 000 for the runners up. Although mixed media may be used, concrete must be the main material used for works entered. There are no restrictions in terms of dimensions, as the exhibition will flow out into the PPC Cement Sculpture Garden at the Association of Arts, Pretoria, where the competition will be held. A maximum of three entries per artist may be submitted and must be delivered to the Association of Arts Pretoria on either September 26 or 27. The official opening of the exhibition and prize-giving ceremony will be held on the evening of October 2 and the exhibition of all works entered will continue until October 12. In addition to this, the organisers are setting up a workshop for artists interested in working in concrete. The workshop will be held at the Cement and Concrete Institute in Halfway House on Monday, June 12. The cost per student attending the workshop is R30,00. For more information, call Nandi Hilliard on (012) 346-3100.

13.06.00 Call for Proposals for Returning the Gaze

Returning the Gaze is part of the One City Many Cultures Festival 2000. It focuses on race, culture and identity and runs from September 21 - 25. The project is being curated by a committee of BLAC Seminar Series regulars and initiators. (The BLAC Seminar Series was formed as a space for artists to meet, discuss and grow and takes place on the first Tuesday of the month at the Centre for the Book. Queen Victoria Street, Cape Town at 5.30 pm).

Artists including writers, poets, photographers, painters, graphic designers etc. are invited to submit images or images/text or text alone around the issues of race, culture and identity in Cape Town. The aim is to produce a series of postcards, billboards and stickers or badges, falling under the One City 2000 Festival, dealing with racial politics and power in Cape Town.

Entries should be ready for print processing as 8 chosen entries will be produced and distributed in the city. Other entries will be exhibited at the festival or on the BLACONLINE website ( ) with the option for people to send them to others over the internet. Writers and poets are further asked to submit poems or writings or outlines for critical text pieces for inclusion on the website alone.

Submissions for the postcards, billboards and stickers close on July 15. Postcard entries should be of the standard 148mm X 105mm size.

BLAC remains open to other suggestions for self-funded projects around the theme. Media coverage is guaranteed! Here's your chance to say what you think, when you think- "What are they saying about me?". Here's your chance to show us what you really want to see happening in the city!

BLAC/RTG, P.O. Box 6692, Roggebaai, 8012,

Tel/fax: 465-4996 (ask for Jason or Anthea)

Studio Space

View of the cool studio space available

06.06.00 Cool studio space available in Cape Town

On the top floor of a turn of the century chocolate factory in Woodstock is the All Star Studio, a large artists cooperative studio. Great views and light, close to town, 24 hour security. Several spaces available, from small to medium. People working in related activities welcome too. From R330 per month. Phone (021) 462-2095.

18.05.00 Call for submission: 'Headline' Project for Johannesburg conference

As part of Retreks: unSung City, in conjunction with the Creative Cities segment of the Urban Futures Conference hosted by the University of the Witwatersrand and the Greater Johannesburg Metropolitan Council, we have been asked to prepare an installation to accompany the presentation of the Minister of Arts, Culture, Science and Technology, Dr Ben N'Gubane, at the Electric Workshop in Johannesburg on July 11.

It is the intention of this installation to make a polemic about the "newsworthiness" of art, culture and the cultural industries in South Africa. The idea is to make as if these parts of our experience and enterprise were embedded in the national consciousness to the same degree as sport, the meanderings of the JSE and political revelations in the national and local press. We have opted for an installation idea that uses the well-known South African phenomenon of the banner headline - Ten large screens will bear the names of some of the principal newspapers in this country, installed in the Electric Workshop. Onto these large banner screens changing "headlines" will be back-projected, carrying headlines relating to art, culture and related cultural industries in South Africa. In order to carry this out successfully we need to create, very quickly, a network of reference throughout the cultural industries (whether music, craft, fine art, architecture and design, film, music, theatre and dance, writing and publishing, fashion, advertising etc.) and begin collecting "Headlines" from as many sources as possible. We only need headlines - although the facts behind the headline need to be substantiated - and we need for these to be written in the snappy sound-bite way that is probably, in distracting motorists, one of the principal causes of minor road accidents in our cities. Obviously it would be good to know when a South African band is playing to adoring audiences in Finland, or a choreographer has got stunning reviews in Paris, but it should also be interesting to know how many people were employed during the course of a music festival in South Africa. Downfalls, scandals and bad news are also part of the goings-on related to art and culture, after all we are quickly told when the South African Cricket team loses the toss - in all senses of the word. We probably need about 800 headlines.

Please send your contributions, by June 7 to:



Z.A.R. Works,
1 Magnet Street,
Kensington 2094,
South Africa,

Tel/Fax: 27+ 11 614-0916

06.06.00 Call for applications for new director of the University Museum in Stellenbosch

Director: University Museum
Duties: Managing and promoting the University Museum(Sasol Art Museum and the US Art Gallery) particularly pertaining to the optimal utilisation of the University's art and cultural assets for educational and enrichment purposes; collection, documentation and maintenance of the University's art and cultural assets; organising innovative exhibitions and other public functions in order to enhance the accessibility of the museum to the general public.

Requirements: A postgraduate qualification in History of Art; appropriate experience in museum management and administration: proven ability to organise exhibitions and public functions.

Commencement of duties: January 2001
Closing Date: 28 July 2000
Enquiries: Mr Kobus Visagie 021-8084644
Fax: 021-8083800

For details of package and remuneration contact 021-8084569.
Obtain the prescribed application form by either contacting 021- 8084725 or emailing or on the homepage at

Completed application forms may be forwarded to the Chief Director: Human Resources, University of Stellenbosch, Private Bag x1 , Matieland 7602 or fax: 021-8082484. Applicants should request their referees to send confidential reports as soon as possible directly to the same address.

06.06.00 Professional Photographers Price Guide

The latest PPSA (Professional Photographers of South Africa) price guide is available for scrutiny at It has no date so it's not certain how current these prices are. If anyone has an update on current copyright status in SA, please post to the group. Here is the (edited) price guide:

The last PPSA price guide was published in 1993. It showed for each category of professional photography both recommended, average and minimum rates. The Recommended Average Rates were compiled on the basis of realistic parameters and actual cost factors. They were at the time and, unfortunately, are still today much higher than the actual price level on the market.

All business should be conducted according to the Reference Manual for Professional Photography in Southern Africa

Minimum rates are as follows:

The rates are charged not only for the time of the actual shoot but for the total time expended by the photographer or his staff on behalf of the client, including, but not limited to, time for briefing, planning, pre-production, preparation, travel, waiting, checking and cleaning of equipment, post-production, editing, finishing and de-briefing. A full day consists of eight working hours, and a half day of four working hours, except for advertising photography where the hours are ten and five respectively.

After Hours: Rate + 50%
Sundays and Public Holidays: Rate +100%

All prices include VAT.

Advertising/ Creative/ Aerial/ Mining
Full day R3 800
Half day R2110
Hourly R580

Commercial/ Industrial/ Audio-visual/ Architectural/ Fashion and Beauty
Full day R3000
Half day R1650
Hourly R450

Public Relations/ Editorial/ Journalistic
Full day R2 400
Half day R1 320
Hourly R360

Wedding/ Social
Full day R2 600
Half day R1 450
hourly R400

Car Travel

Suggested rate for car travel: R3.00 per km. (Check current AA rate as petrol price fluctuates)

Other Production Charges

The quoted minimum rates include only indirect costs. All direct costs incurred, such as for films, processing, prints, albums, etc. should be shown separately on the invoice with the following markups included:

Roll films, for 1 - 25 rolls: 100%
26 - 50 rolls: 75%
more than 50 rolls: 60% to be added to the total cost of processing and of contact sheets where applicable.

Sheet films, 100% to be added to the total cost of processing and of contact sheets where applicable. Polaroids, 100% to be added to material costs.

Photographic prints 75% to be added to lab charges. Albums etc., 50% to be added to material costs. It is recommended that clients arrangeand pay directly for services and facilities such as models, aircraft hire, styling, makeup, photographer's air tickets, hotel accommodation and other travel costs. Where a photographer must handle such arrangements and payments a 50% mark-up should be added to the prices charged by the suppliers of services and facilities. However, only a 15% mark-up should be added to travel costs. These mark-ups provide for the cost of financing and handling and for additional risks.

For out-of-town assignments lasting more than one day the client should pay directly for meals and other subsistence expenses of the photographer. Alternatively the photographer will charge and be paid a reasonable daily allowance or be reimbursed the actual expenditures against vouchers submitted

18.05.00 Lake Vyrnwy International Sculpture Symposium

Arts Connection, which manages the sculpture trail in Lake Vyrnwy woodland estate (in Wales) is seeking three international artists (ie. non-UK nationals) to produce one new piece of work to remain on site for the Lake Vyrnwy 2000 International Sculpture Symposium.

The Sculpture Symposium will take place in mid September 2000, for a period of about 11 days. The working material will be timber - tree trunks and greenwood from forestry work. Food and accommodation will be provided, as will materials and some equipment (artists need to bring their own hand tools). Chosen artists will be paid a sum of �600 (sterling) on the completion of the work.

Interested artists should send a curriculum vitae and examples of work by the end of June 2000 to:

Tom Gilhespy and Andy Hancock
SY22 5EW

Tel/fax: +44 (0)1691 648 929
Email: or:

17.05.00 Artslink special offer is becoming South Africa's first niche market Internet Service Provider (ISP). Arts and culture practitioners taking a dial-up with Artslink will not only score an Internet connection backed by The Internet Solution for R89 per month, substantially cheaper than most competitors, they will gain free access to many of the facilities offered by, the hub of South African arts and culture. Further, Artslink is the first ISP to offer "pay as you go"; so clients are not bound into a contract; they can opt to take the service for as little as they can afford a month and renew as they choose. There are also Artslink's unique add-ons. An artist or performer taking a dial-up for only R89 per month can also choose to receive Acemail (media releases on arts news of their choice sent to their e-mail address), worth R15 per month; they can list themselves in the Artslink database, including pictures, e-mail addresses and hyperlinks, worth R1500 per year, and they can send up to two media releases per month to Acemedia, Artslink's e-mail database of arts and culture journalists country-wide, thereby saving R300 per month. Publicists who chose the Artslink dial-up will pay an extra R50 per month for access to the Acemedia system. This is half of the present publicists' registration fee - and includes the saving on their dial-up.

"We believe the arts and culture world needs to be connected," says Artslink webmaster TJ de Klerk, "This is one way of making it more affordable. There will be more advantages for those who choose to join the Artslink family. For an extra R10 per month, users can qualify for the usual free 5Mb space in which to host their own webpages, located in the well-travelled Artslink hub. We are looking at e-commerce opportunities too."

16.05.00 Photo Evolution 2000

The Camera Club of Johannesburg, would like to extend an invitation to all professional and amateur photographers to join us at Photo Evolution 2000 (The Millennium Congress of the Photographic Society of Southern Africa). Our committee has been working hard to put together what will be an enjoyable, entertaining, enlightening and fun-filled congress. Our aim will be to develop our delegates' creative potentials, expand their vision, and help them master a broad range of photographic skills. Through workshops and lectures, we will stress creativity and encourage an open forum for ideas.

Lectures will be hosted by Frans Lanting, Ron Spillman, Obie Oberholzer, Alf Kumalo, Roger Ballen, Professor John van Zyl, Marlene Neumann, Peter Magubane, Les Bush, Duncan Moody, Dale Yudelman, Lou Yudelman, Hein Lass, Harold Carlsson, Elizabeth Olivier-Kahlau and many other top local and international talents.

Subjects covered will include digital, nature, wild life and underwater photography; the psychology of photography; publishing your pictures; the landscape, people, social documentary photography, photojournalism and travel photography.

Workshops in portraiture, glamour, wedding, nature, photojournalism, digital and art photography, creative darkroom, as well as basic composition, lighting and exposure, will be presented. A day outing to various places of interest in Johannesburg, including a guided photographic field trip to Soweto and the Newtown Cultural Precinct is planned. Screenings of various top class visual productions containing the work of Ansel Adams, Jim Brandenburg, Helmut Newton, and Annie Leibovitz, will be held. Besides the emphasis on creative photography, our format has concurrent lectures specifically aimed at beginners. Our speakers, who are leaders in their individual fields, will not only give great presentations, but will be available throughout the congress.

Included on the programme of activities, besides all the creative photography, will be fun-filled evenings of entertainment which includes "Feeling Groovy" - an evening of good food with a top class musical production and the cool sounds of Beat Street to entertain you at McGinty's Irish Pub, situated at the venue.

Other facilities and activities available will include film processing, our digital workstation (where you will be introduced to the latest computerised photographic technology), our weekend Photo Trade bazaar; as well as exhibitions of numerous world class images which will be exhibited constantly throughout the congress.


To register, call or e-mail us and we will forward you with a registration form.


Choose the Passport that's right for you, register early and save:

Gold Passport - Includes all the series events, lectures, photo shoots, outings, and the opening Indaba. Early registration for PPSA, PSSA or CCJ members costs R 445

Diamond Passport - Includes all the series events, lectures, photo shoots, outings, the opening Indaba, plus one VIP ticket to the Awards Banquet. Early registration for PPSA, PSSA or CCJ members costs R 545

Day Pass and Single event tickets- Entrance to events, on one particular day only will be available, but preference will be given to "passport" holders.

ACCOMMODATION Top class accommodation at a special rate has been reserved at the Sunnyside Park Hotel, but alternative accommodation in apartment suite hotels and B & B's is also available. This information will be forwarded on request.

The Congress takes place from September 19 - 25 at the Sunnyside Park Hotel, Johannesburg

For more info call:
Des Berkowitz (011) 483-3827, John Hoeben 082-654-8405, or Brenda Ortlepp (011) 609-8578.
Fax: (011) 483-3853

08.05.00 Kempton Park Tembisa Fine Arts Award; Closing dates: 6-8 June, 2000

Competition time is hotting up once again, so get busy. The Kempton Park Tembisa prize money has increased this year to R 12 000 (first prize), R 7 000 (second prize) and R 5 000 (third prize). The award manages to attract entries from as far afield as the UK. Last year's winners were Brad Hammond, Daniel Mosako, Hanneke Benade and Berco Wilsenach. For conditions of entry and further details, contact Micha Birch on (011) 391-4007.




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