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No. 34 June 2000
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Zwelethu Mthethwa

Zwelethu Mthethwa
Art takes an in-depth look at HIV/AIDS - at various gallieries around Durban
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Lynne Lomosky

Lynne Lomosky
Chemo (C.H.O.P)
Showing as part of 'Emergency' at the Brendan Bell-Roberts Gallery
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Joe Dog and Konradski
Bitterkomix 2000
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Alan Alborough
Winner of the Standard Bank Young Artist Award.
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 Robert Hodgins

Robert Hodgins is featured in this months' Artbio

This week's updates

LISTINGS CAPE TOWN: Uwe Pfaff at the 3rd I; Senzeni Marasela in residence at the SANG; Mara Verna and Jason St Laurent at the Observatory Museum of Contemporary Art
JOBURG: Santu Mofokeng at Camouflage
DURBAN: AIDS exhibition preview
GRAHAMSTOWN: Festival preview
REVIEWS CAPETOWN: Paul Edmunds on 'Emergency'; Sue Williamson on 'Bitterkomix'
BOOKS:Virginia MacKenny on the Wayne Barker catalogue. FEEDBACK: Support rolls in for the Johannesburg Biennial

July will see the year's largest explosion of art in South Africa: in Grahamstown, the National Festival of Arts opens on June 1, with everyone waiting to see just what Standard Bank Young Artist Alan Alborough will produce; in Durban, every single space and artist seems connected to the international AIDS conference which takes place July 9 - 14; and in Johannesburg, the upcoming Urban Futures conference has spawned a number of art initiatives. This week, we publish previews of the Festival and the AIDS exhibitions.

Support is rolling in for the Reinstate the Johannesburg Biennale petition. Some letters appear in feedback today, and those names and all those who simply send only their names will be forwarded to the Department of Arts and Culture. If you haven't made your voice heard yet, read the petition and email us!



'Emergency' and 'Bitterkomix' are the two to see.


Nieu Bethesda: The second !Xoe project further explores public art in a rural environment. Plan a visit as part your Grahamstown festival trip


Camouflage holds its first solo show: Santu Mofokeng


Gerhard Marx is at the Open Window and the Cloth Workers Coalition show at the African Window


Coming up next month: an intense art focus on AIDS


Cape Town abstract artist Jill Trappler opens at the Tatham.


National Arts Festival Preview


'Continental Shift' features a number of South African artists, and in Holland, 'Archive 09.06_02.07' is on at two venue in The Hague.


28.06.00 Paul Edmunds on 'Emergency', ; Sue Williamson on 'Bitterkomix' and Virginia MacKenny on the Wayne Barker catalogue.

13.06.00 Virginia MacKenny on Wayne Barker and Claire de Jong, Samantha Dunlop on Wilma Cruise, Brett Murray and Keith Dietrich and Reney Warrington on Dinkies Sithole.


Launch of new committee to get Africa back into Venice, Tracy Gander writes about the Creative Camera/Dpict Magazine Cover Competition, Two South African artists for Changchun Sculpture Festival, and Paul Edmunds writes a letter from Mauritius, where he is running craft workshops.


Interested in submitting for the Florence Biennial? Check it out. Lots more of interest to all artists.


Donald Rodney's AUTOICON


Robert Hodgins


Interesting websites and links


Artists and art people from South Africa and all over the world respond to the Johannesburg Biennale petition.


Track down information through almost three years of old ArtThrobs.


Browse through old issues

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