Archive: Issue No. 72, August 2003

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MTN Contemporaries Award

Thando Mama, winner MTN New Contemporary Award
August 7 2003

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Robert Hodgins

Artist Robert Hodgins in his London´┐Żstudio, on Brick Lane
July 31 2003

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Kathryn Smith

Kathryn Smith Jack in Johannesburg, 2003 Performance still of live projection

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Sanell Aggenbach

Sanell Aggenbach wins the ABSA Atelier

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Special Feature: Who's criticising who?

16.08.03 Who critiques the critics?
Andrew Lamprecht kicks off our look at the state of South African art criticism with a compassionate overview of the key reasons for its (supposedly) dubious condition.

16.08.03 The artist as critic
"It is important to reflect on what the artist was trying to achieve, and to engage with that," is Sue Williamson's sage bit of advice. But will critics and detractors agree?

16.08.03 Writing about nothing
In a remarkably concise, yet thorough piece of prose, Paul Wessels contemplates three recent examples of writing that is stripped of all relations outside itself.

16.08.03 On being an artist and a critic
ArtThrob's Cape Town editor (and practicing artist) Paul Edmunds writes about being a critic as well as an artist. His views are disarmingly honest and characteristically devoid of any unnecessary vitriol.

16.08.03 A community of many?
Who writes about art in South Africa? Can you count this community on one hand? Not really, discovers Sean O'Toole.

16.08.03 Art Criticism in South Africa
Discussing a recent, somewhat worrying example of popular visual art criticism, Virginia MacKenny ponders many pointed questions: What constitutes an art critic? How do you get to be one?

Other news:

16.08.03 I've got you under my skin
Artist Kathryn Smith had her left upper arm tattooed recently in a public performance at the Johannesburg Art Gallery.

16.08.03 Thando Mama wins 2003 MTN New Contemporaries Award
Durban video artist Thando Mama has been awarded the 2003 MTN New Contemporaries Award. Brenton Maart reports.

16.08.03 Getting spicy with Robert Hodgins in London
Robert Hodgins is one of South Africa's best-known artists. Sean O'Toole recently paid him a visit at his temporary studio in London.

16.08.03 Shortlist for DaimlerChrysler arts award announced
Eight of South Africa's leading photographers have been nominated for one of the most prestigious awards in the field of arts and culture locally, the annual DaimlerChrysler Arts Award.

16.08.03 Public memorials and monuments under scrutiny
A recent announcement that the bust of former Transvaal Republic president, Paul Kruger, is to be removed from its current location at the entrance to the Kruger National Park has sparked heated public debate.

16.08.03 Response to Veronique Tadjo
Taryn Cohn, competition co-ordinator of the Sasol Wax in Art competition, offers her response to a recent article by Veronique Tadjo that implicated the event in an arguments against the relevance of conceptual art in the black art community.

16.08.03 New media lounge opens in Cape Town
Bruce Gordon and the Swiss collective, Sabina Lang and Daniel Baumann, opened the doors to l/b's Lounge this month.

01.08.03 18th ABSA L'Atelier winners
Absa winner Sanell Aggenbach takes home R70 000, round trip to France and a residence at the Cite Internationale des Arts in Paris.

01.08.03 International printmakers head for Cape Town in August
Don't miss this third edition of Impact, which is being held in South Africa for the first time!


Sue Williamson: A praise singer heralds Marlene Dumas at the FRESH launch at the SANG and a book of photos by Calvin Klein model Josie Borain is launched.