Archive: Issue No. 86, October 2004

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Dimpho Di Kopane

Dimpho Di Kopane lyric theatre company
Performance still from production to be seen at 'Season South Africa'


David Goldblatt

David Goldblatt
Woman Going to the Trading Store Holding Money Under Her Blanket Near Flagstaff, Transkei, 1975
black and white photograph


   [03.10.04] Opening up the floor: write for us
Robyn Sassen takes criticism directed to the art press seriously and offers partial remedy through the pages of ArtThrob...

   [03.10.04] 10 Years/100 Artists/1000 Arguments
A new deluxe publication offers a comprehensive overview of the state of contemporary art in South Africa.

   [03.10.04] Brett Kebble winners to be announced
At the end of the month a few South African artists are going to have a healthy addition to their bank balances. South Africa’s richest art awards enter their second year.

   [03.10.04] A season of South Africa in New York city
'Season South Africa' will run from September to January and showcase contemporary South African art and theatre in New York city.

   [03.10.04] Is government arts funding falling apart?
The National Arts Council has been plagued by controversy for the past year and an end does not seem to be in sight.

   [03.10.04] Artist Nicholas Hlobo discusses the impetus for his inaugural 'Art Talk'
The creation of the seminar series that began the in August with 'Art Talk: The Importance of Writing and Preserving our Arts Heritage' may be just what new talent needs. Kresta Tyler Johnson sits down with Nicholas Hlobo to discuss.

   [03.10.04] Rencontres d'Arles Book Award presented to David Goldblatt
The book award at Rencontres d'Arles festival was presented to David Goldblatt for Particulars.

   [03.10.04] Finalists announced for 10th annual ACT awards
The 10th annual ACT finalists have been announced and large array of individuals and companies are represented.

   [03.10.04] Annie Coombes makes a stop in Jo'burg to discuss her recent book on SA
Annie Coombes talks to Penny Siopis about her book 'History After Apartheid: Visual Culture and Public Memory in a Democratic South Africa'.

   [03.10.04] Work by Mslaba Dumile Feni to be auctioned in Germany � any chance someone will bring it home?
A small work by exiled artist Dumile Feni will be on the auction block in December in Stuttgart. This is another instance when it would be great to bring South African work home, but a buyer is needed.

   [03.10.04] South African photographer Johan Botha takes top honours at the Commonwealth Photographic Awards
An annual competition open to residents of the Commonwealth countries acknowledged the work of four South African photographers this year.

   [03.10.04] Germans use cultural weeks to advance bi-national partnership.
The upcoming German-Southern African Cultural Weeks 2004 will promote the continued development of a relationship between the two countries.