Archive: Issue No. 85, September 2004

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For the first time,, the most important voice in South African contemporary art, is offering advertising space to a limited selection of galleries.

Founded in 1997, Artthrob currently registers 65 000 page impressions a month, and our readership is constantly growing. In September the website moves over to World Online, where it will be accessible to all dial-up users. New features include a weekly email newsletter.

Until now Artthrob has not carried any advertising, but from September small ads on the front page will click directly through to the websites of a few selected advertisers. These new advertisements will bring your gallery directly to the attention of the prime market for your artists, every week. If you do not have a website, our design team can help you out. We can also design a special page for an important exhibition, if needed. The offer is limited to those galleries considered by Artthrob to be directly involved in contemporary art in South Africa, and Artthrob reserves the right to refuse inappropriate applications.

The cost of advertising on Artthrob is R7 000 a year, or R3 750 for six months. This includes the initial design fee - we make up all "buttons" ourselves in order to maintain a coherent look and feel.

This is an excellent opportunity to increase the visibility of your gallery and website, and will also be an important measure of support for Artthrob and the dedicated team who bring all the top art world stories and images to art lovers everywhere, week after week.


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