Archive: Issue No. 85, September 2004

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17.09.04 Bathini Abantu at the African Art Centre
17.09.04 Red Eye Celebrates Durban at the DAG
03.09.04 Pascale Chandler at the NSA Gallery
03.09.04 Alexandra van der Stoep at the NSA Gallery
03.09.04 Comix Brew at the NSA Gallery
03.09.04 Comix, Bru! at the NSA Gallery
03.09.04 Caroline Birch at artSpace Durban
03.09.04 Pamela Morgan at artSpace Durban
01.08.04 Theresa-Anne Mackintosh at the NSA Gallery
01.08.04 Gabi Ngcobo at artSpace Durban


Lindelani Ngwenya

Lindelani Ngwenya
'Baby and Dove of Peace' 2004
Wire and grass

Bathini Abantu at the African Art Centre

Opening at The African Art Centre is 'Bathini Abantu', an exhibition celebrating 10 years of South African democracy. 28 artists will show their critical impressions of the past decade, in wry, amusing and hopeful ways in a variety of media. Participants include Lindelani Ngwenya and Khehla Ngobese, both long-standing members of the Durban arts community.

Opens: 12pm, Saturday September 18
Closes: October 9

Red Eye Celebrates Durban at the DAG

The quarterly art event 'Red Eye' held and hosted by the Durban Art Gallery, kicks off the eagerly anticipated Celebrate Durban/ Ethekwini season.
Highlighting the event will be the once-off Durban screening of William Kentridge's 9 Drawings for Projection, a big screen compilation of the nine videos made by Kentridge since 1999. Along with this, the line-up includes contemporary dance performances, DJs, live bands, street buskers, performance art, pavement caf�s as well as living human sculptures.

At the same time, Durban will be the first to welcome a huge herd of colourfully decorated life-size fiberglass cows. 'Cow Parade South Africa' is the latest incarnation of a wild and successful art exhibition where dozens of fiberglass cows are transformed into works of art. 'Cow Parade' has run successfully in major cities worldwide including New York, Chicago, London and Dublin.

6.30pm, Friday September 17

Pascale Chandler's Down to Earth at the NSA Gallery

'Down to Earth' is a new body of work by Durban's well-respected artist and teacher Pascale Chandler. Chandler last showed four years ago at the NSA and this time she presents an installation of painted and photographic works in the Complex's Mezzanine Gallery.

The installation has a photographic reference running as a conceptual 'frame' for paintings, which depict pedestrian routes, fragments of objects and urban waste.

The work comes from the artist's wonderings as a pedestrian in the city, collecting that which the city discards. In these walks she records photographically and collects everyday existence by capturing random objects. These everyday elements, placed in specific relation to each other, take on a new and powerful meaning. Chandler's concern has been to capture moments that shift the status of ordinary objects.

Opens: 6pm, August 24
Closes: September 12

Alexandra van der Stoep at the NSA Gallery

Alexandra van der Stoep, a promising young Durban painter, will present an exhibition of her recent work at the NSA's Park Gallery. Currently completing her degree in Architecture at the University of KwaZulu Natal, van der Stoep has been training under Pascale Chandler as a painter for numerous years, and has participated in a number of group exhibitions.

Van der Stoep is fascinated with the formal qualities of painting, in particular the possibility of colour and visual stimulation. She works intuitively and rejects illusionary and heavy subject matter, which she believes 'dilutes' the visual experience. At the same time she embraces her place and work in a postmodern society, and underpins the work with a larger understanding of a current zeitgeist; such as our ongoing fascination with images even though we live in an image-polluted and over stimulated visual environment.

The exhibition will consist of a selection of small and large format canvasses. Taking her cue from small, and sometimes irrelevant visual "kicks", van der Stoep develops these into abstractions of colour and bold mark-making.

Opens: 6pm, August 24
Closes: September 12

Comix Brew

Comix Brew

Comix Brew at the NSA Gallery

'Comix Brew' is an international festival of comic art that has been running in southern Africa since May and continues until March 2005. Pro Helvetia (Arts council of Switzerland), the French Institute of South Africa and the Royal Netherlands Embassy sponsor this event in association with the Goethe Institute Johannesburg, the University of Stellenbosch and Bitterkomix. Anton Kannemeyer is the festival's coordinator.

The festival is an initiative to showcase, develop and establish comic strip drawing in southern Africa. The potential of the medium as an educational tool as well as entertainment has been realised in most European countries, the USA and Japan. Recent developments in Europe and the USA have equated the art form with (high) literature, fine arts and film.

The festival aims to bring professional artists, specialists, academics, as well as examples of their work, to southern Africa in order to showcase, stimulate and develop this much-neglected art form.

Artists featured are Joe Daly (South Africa), Anna Sommer (Switzerland), Henning Wagenbreth (Germany), Jacques Loustal (France), Willem (the Netherlands), and Serge Huo-Chao-Si (Reunion).

For more information about the festival visit

Opens: 6pm, September 14
Closes: October 3

'Comix, Bru!' at the NSA Gallery

'Comix, Bru!' is an exhibition of cartoons, comics and comix by new South African cartoonists compiled and curated by Andy Mason of the Artworks Durban Cartoon Project, who runs this project as a riposte to the Comics Brew Festival of International Comic Art.

'Comix, Bru!' is an opportunity for some of South Africa's hottest young comic artists to demonstrate that they have what it takes to compete internationally. But, this being a developing country, the exhibition has a developmental edge, and some artists on the show have never been published or exhibited before.

Amongst these fresh talents on show will be Brendan Reynolds (Business Day); Sifiso Yalo (This Day); Mangena (Sowetan Sunday World); Joe Daly, creator of the 2003 graphic novel The Red Monkey; Nikhil Singh, well known for his work on Constructus; Tyron Love and Travis O'Sullivan, editors and creators of Polony Mixed Meat Magazine; Themba Siwela, creator of Majimbos; Luke Molver, a winner of the 2003 Laugh It Off New Media Awards; Nicolene Low and Leonora van Staden, editors and creators of the Cape Town feminist comic stripshow, Daniel du Plessis of Bittercomix, and Daniel Hugo and Vincent Sammy of Cape Town's Igubu group as well as top commercial illustrator Rob Hopper.

The Mamba Comix No.3: Genre-bending comix from Generation Z will be launched on the opening night. Mamba is Durban's homegrown comix zine, published by the Artworks Durban cartoon Project and edited by Andy Mason and Rico Schacherl.

Opens: 6pm, September 14
Closes: October 3

Caroline Birch

Caroline Birch

Caroline Birch at artSpace Durban

Caroline Birch is showing recent paintings at artSpace Durban. The driving force behind this body of work is the quality of life or rather that which is quick (alive) in ordinary things, people and objects. The subjects might appear arbitrary but were chosen because they contain this 'essence of life' and are, in a way, all portraits. The body of work is the result of the process of being a painter and creating paintings but all the while being aware of capturing those things that one cannot 'see'.

Opens: 6pm, September 15
Closes: October 2

Pamela Morgan

Pamela Morgan
Installation view

Pamela Morgan at artSpace Durban

Pamela Morgan recently obtained her Advanced Diploma in Visual Art from the University of South Africa. The work to be shown at artSpace is the work she presented for her final examination for which she achieved distinction.

The installation is the visual outcome of an intensely felt, deeply internalised exploration of childhood events that shaped her own life, combined with her current concerns about adult influence and intervention in the lives of children in South Africa.

Parental abuse in the home as well as nefarious adult behavior towards the weakest and most vulnerable members of society abounds in our country - 'When children may be abused, raped and shot in their homes and schools, abducted on streets and in playgrounds and sodomised in churches, where is a safe haven for them? Adults make the decisions'.

Opens: 6pm, September 15
Close: October 2

Theresa-Anne Mackintosh

Theresa-Anne Mackintosh
'Take Out', 2004

'Jackie the Kid' by Theresa-Anne Mackintosh at the NSA Gallery

Opening on August 24 in the NSA's Main Gallery and the Multi Media room is Theresa-Anne Mackintosh's 'Jackie the Kid', her second solo show. Mackintosh works as a painter and also in 'new media' and her work straddles these two seemingly disparate disciplines, allowing the two to feed from each other to create a conversation between her two-dimensional work and animated pieces. Thus the artist charts new possibilities in both media.

The work draws on varied sources, from the work of Marlene Dumas to the contemporary Japanese Pop Art scene, including figures such as Takashi Murakami and Aya Takano. As her influences might suggest, the work brings together a number of contrasting spaces: interior dream spaces are contrasted with an exterior humdrum reality; gritty real life with the luminescent, almost na�ve character of contemporary popular culture.

On show will be her new digital animation that forms the core component of the show. Though she uses digital platforms, Mackintosh's work remains rooted in her painterly iconography.

Opens: 6pm August 24
Closes: September 12

Gabi Ngcobo

Gabi Ngcobo
'Connections', 2004
Hair and acrylic on Canvas

'Homecoming by Gabi Ngcobo' at artSpace Durban

'Homecoming' is Gabi Ngcobo's first solo exhibition. Ngcobo, a Durban-based artist and cultural activist, investigates the concept of 'home' as a place of lived experiences, a place where ideas picked up along the way are unpacked; ideas that tell of the fears, triumphs and struggles of the artist when confronting her own world. The work explores identity, the act of (re)membering, of conversation and of change.

Ngcobo has attended workshops and residencies locally and internationally for the past four years and sees this exhibition as reflecting her journeys. New doors have been opened, allowing the artist to interrogate the spaces she occupies as a woman and artist in a South African context. The exhibition comprises paintings, hair pieces and a video performance.

Opens: 6pm, August 18
Closes: September 8