Archive: Issue No. 124, December 2007

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artSPACE berlin

Another exhibition opened at artSPACEberlin this month. Gallerist Karen Bradtke is certainly clocking up airmiles travelling to Berlin every six weeks or so to ensure that things run smoothly. This month was a snowy one but apparently the weather did not keep the visitors away. This initiative is really providing great exposure for local artists who do not have great opportunities to show overseas. Bradtke reports that it is difficult to get press and publicity as there are so many galleries in Berlin vying for editorial space but it does take time to get noticed but she is slowly making inroads into the community, and recently a group of gallerists from the Mitte area visited the show. Her reportback on the exhibition is as follows:

'Makiwa Mutomba's paintings are bright and colourful and really glow in the type of lights we have in the gallery in Berlin. They call it "True Light" where the colours of the light across the spectrum are quite even, therefore it brings out the "true" colours of the artworks. People are drawn into the gallery from the darkness outside and are taken by his work, especially his use of a palette knife (home-made) to apply the paint and, of course, his use of lime green and hot pink in the faces of his subjects.

'In the other galleries we are exhibiting works by 'Gallery Artists' or 'Kuenstler der Galerie'. Here we are showing a variety of art styles and media to give visitors to the gallery a taste of what sort of art we produce in Afric,a nd to try and break down the stereotypes of what "African art" is. The artists who are a part of this group are: Marianne Meijer, Sita Moyo, Kristin Hua Yang, Siphwe Cele, Lee Scott, Ros Sarkin, Colwyn Thomas, Barry Truter, Selloane Moeti and Ezequiel Mabote.'