Archive: Issue No. 101, January 2006

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Feedback is an open forum for readers to share any comments and insights relevant to art practice in South Africa. We reserve the right to edit all submissions.

From: Elaine Hurford
Sent: December 8
Subject: Help with identifying an artwork

Hi there
An artist friend, Sally Arnold, directed me to ArtThrob and said Sue Williamson may be able to help me identify a South African resistance painting. I have tried every avenue so far including the SA National Gallery, the Pretoria Art Museum, the SA Heritage Council with either no reply, or no results. It belongs to South African friends of mine who emigrated to the USA and I would like to be able to help them find out who the artist is, and what the insurance on the painting should be - if it's worth anything.

We can't identify the painting, but should one of our readers be able to help, we'll contact you.

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